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House approves bills for 24-hour abortion waiting period, partial-birth abortion ban

New Hampshire Union Leader

March 14. 2012 2:50PM

CONCORD - The House has voted to approve a bill that would require women to wait 24 hours before having an abortion and be exposed to detailed information about the state of the fetus when the procedure is performed.

And in a later vote, lawmakers passed a bill that would outlaw 'partial birth' and third-term abortions.

By a vote of 189-151, the House approved House Bill 1659, which supporters of the bill say would provide women 'informed consent' so that they understand the implications and risk of having an abortion.

Opponents say the bill would obligate the state to spend more than $100,000 a year to produce information that is unsound and is meant to support a pro-life point of view.

HB 1659 was the first of three abortion-related measures the House considered today.

The House also passed a bill that would outlaw 'partial birth' and third-term abortions.

Representatives voted 224 -110 today in favor of House Bill 1679. Supporters of the bill say such abortions are cruel and inhumane, due in part to a fetus' ability to feel pain. They say the bill would bring the state in line with other states that have banned the procedure.

Opponents say 'partial birth' is not a medically recognized term, and that the bill is unnecessary, since the procedure is not performed in New Hampshire.

The House also approved HB 1723, making a change to the parental-consent law for minors seeking abortions, extending the 48-hour time period for the judicial process to be resolved to two business days.

All of the bills now go to the Senate.

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