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Former NH lawmaker, war hero faces allegations of bilking millions from defense contracts

March 15. 2012 11:16PM

Court documents in Florida allege former New Hampshire state Rep. David Young, a 49-year-old former lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, used his position to steer military contracts to his friends.

The documents charge Young then helped devise ways to charge the Department of Defense millions of dollars for work that was never done.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the scam went unnoticed for years as Young and his co-conspirators became rich.

Young has not been charged with a crime, the report says.

U.S. Attorneys have sued him and others to seize 20 properties and more than $15 million they say stem from the fraud.

Documents filed by federal prosecutors in the U.S. District Court of Utah detail the government's investigation, the Times reports. They indicate Young helped design the initial contract for the Army, arranged for one company to win the bid and recruited colleagues to hide the scam.

Young's lawyers fought to keep the record sealed, but a judge recently made it public.

His Utah-based attorney, Brett Tolman, denied the accusations on behalf of his client, saying the court documents contained multiple inaccuracies.

At 21, Young became one of New Hampshire's youngest state legislators. Formerly of Alstead and Langdon, he served in the New Hampshire House from 1985 to 1993 and from 1999 to 2000.

He was a Green Beret, a Bronze Star recipient and a Gulf War hero.

In 2006, the New Hampshire Supreme Court disbarred Young after concluding he lied about a client's sexual assault claim and misused her settlement money.

The high court found that Young used a client's money to pay other clients and then implied she was lying about a sexual assault claim she made against her employer, in an attempt to collect more money from her.

Young denied lying and said he was repeating statements others had made. He acknowledged the client's money was not properly handled, but said he had an accountant at the time and does not know what happened.

Young moved to Hernando, Fla., in 2010.

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