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April 04. 2012 12:39PM

Wednesday headlines - NH news from online


Nashua Telegraph: Water levels at record lows
On Tuesday, flow at a U.S. Geological Survey gauge at the mouth of Souhegan River was just 180 cubic feet per second, lower than it has been for 96.5 percent of the time since records began being kept some 77 years ago.

New N.H. car registrations jump 20% in first quarter

Pool of 22 family members and friends claims third $250,000 prize in Mass. from Mega Millions game
The 22 people, who all live in Northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire, chipped in $10 each to the group's pot and now plan to split their winnings equally.


Compressed air energy storage firm Sustain X, based in Seabrook, granted four patents
SustainX's isothermal (constant-temperature) energy storage system removes heat from air being compressed for storage and returns heat when that air is expanded to generate electricity. This heat transfer largely eliminates the energy efficiency losses of conventional high-pressure air compression and the need to burn fossil fuel as part of the expansion process.

Epes Transport offers 7 cents a mile premium for drivers willing to deliver in Northeast.

Environmental Groups Ask EPA to Investigate Schiller Plant Emissions
“They want to blame Schiller Station for Asthma rates in neighboring York County, but asthma rates there are the lowest of any county in all of Maine, according to the Sierra Clubs own source,” said PSNH spokesman Martin Murray

NH public relations guru offers expertise to isle audience

World Bank President Candidates To Be Interviewed Next Week
The interview process will begin on April 9 by meeting with African nominee Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who is also Nigeria's Finance Minister. Former Colombian Finance Minister Jose Antonio Ocampo will be interviewed on April 10, he is currently a professor at Columbia University, New York. The interview process will end on April 11, with Dartmouth College president Jim Yong Kim, who enjoys Washington's official support.

The Dartmouth: Kim praised in Japan, South Korea

Feds bullying Claremont pizzeria owner says because he fought back
In a rare action, the U.S. Department of Labor has filed suit in federal court against Ramunto's Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant in Claremont over what the agency charges are wage and hour violations. "We owe them something, but we feel we owe less," Willey said. "They haven't given us how they arrived with the numbers, and said we would have to go to court to get it out of them. That's not right. Maybe it's legal, but it's a method to go about bullying us. That's less than acceptable to the American people."


Dartmouth physicist to meld music and science in classroom
Now Alexander explores the connections between music and theoretical physics and shows students without strong science backgrounds how they too can connect physics to the things they love. Jose Rivera's Revised Massacre (Sing to Your Children) Resurfaces Off-Broadway April 4
According to the Rattlestick, "In a small New Hampshire town, seven friends conspire to murder their mysterious neighbor Joe. On the night of the killing, as they confront the many meanings of their crime and finally relax and laugh and love again…there's a knock on their door."

Chicago Tribune: New Hampshire's Mount Washington endures 'world's worst weather'

The Wire: Volunteers needed to cultivate cottontail habitat

Civil War letters from NH residents inspire new display at UNH
During the Civil War, New Hampshire's 18 regiments suffered nearly 5,000 casualties. The Fifth New Hampshire Volunteers Regiment saw more fatalities than any other unit in the entire Union Army. Coin Rarities & Related Topics: Rarities Night, Part 3, Dimes and Some Coppers - New Hampshire Copper fetches $172,5000
One of the most curious of all coin related items from the pre-Federal era is the New Hampshire Copper. There is ample documentation that the New Hampshire House of Representatives authorized the minting of copper coins in 1776. Few details are known. I am not aware of any evidence that these actually circulated. A very small number of New Hampshire Coppers survive. There is nowhere near unanimous agreement regarding the authenticity of these.

Adam Sandler to remake '80s comedy Summer School

What is Sarah Silverman Doing in The Muppets?
Sarah Silverman is in The Muppets because it has two audiences—the kids who are the primary audience, and the parents, the secondary audience, who brought the kids there. Naturally, the movie plays primarily to the primary audience—no surprise there. But it also wants to keep the parents entertained, sporadically at least. So it puts in moments to perk up the parents as the plot makes its pleasant way to its predictable ending.


NHPUC: Investigation of Merrimack Station Scrubber Project and Cost Recovery - Order Denying Motion to Disqualify Commissioner Harrington
Motion by Dannis for disqualification of Commissioner Harrington is DENIED. Mr. and Mrs. Dannis stated that they filed the motion to disqualify Commissioner Harrington from hearing or otherwise participating in the instant proceeding in accordance with RSA 363:12 and RSA 21-G:22. According to the motion, Governor Lynch and the Executive Council confirmed Commissioner Harrington on March 7, 2012, and during the Council's review, it came to light that Commissioner Harrington has a vested right to payment of a “sizeable” pension from Northeast Utilities (NU) based on his 20 year employment at Seabrook Station during a time when it was owned by PSNH, a subsidiary of NU, or by other NU subsidiaries.

Algonquin is entitled to all of the relief it sought in its counterclaims, a declaration that Trafalgar is in default and Algonquin is entitled to enforcement against the collateral.

Kenn Goldblatt et al. v. Nancy J. Geiger et al. - Motion to dismiss granted.
Kenn Goldblatt and Sima Mazzu, proceeding pro se, bring suit against an administrative judge, an associate justice, and a marital master of the Family Division of the New Hampshire court system (the “Family Court”).


NH remains one of the nation's healthiest states

The Wire: NH is among nation's most educated states

The Dartmouth: Alums Kuster and Bass prepare for rematch Count as of Tuesday, April 3 stands at 80 ballot measures in 29 states


Concord Monitor: State shouldn't allow residents to 'stand ground'
New Hampshire should not wait until it has a homegrown version of the Trayvon Martin killing to repeal the state's wrongheaded "Stand Your Ground" law. It should do so in the next legislative session.


Tao of Stieb: What does Cecil's future hold?
Though we spouted off yesterday on Twitter about his impending demotion, a more moderate and rational quadrant of our brain assured us he would start the year in the rotation with the Toronto Blue Jays. Those nefarious, prevaricating synapses told us: "Sure, he's messed up and throwing slop, but the Blue Jays' brass will do their best with him in the early weeks, and be quick to pull him if necessary, but he'll stick." Stupid brain.

20 pledged to attempt 9th Annual Wildcat Mountain 100,000 Vertical Challenge
Participants have garnered a record $90,000 in pledged donations.

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