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Played for sucker: Biden's empty rhetoric

April 12. 2012 11:01PM

Vice President Joe Biden, bless his heart, tried hard to explain the White House's position on 'fairness' during a stop in Exeter on Thursday. He blew so much hot air, the U.S.S. Constitution could have set sail.

'We're not supposed to have a system with one set of rules for the wealthy and one set of rules for everyone else,' he said. Yet the Buffet Rule Biden was in town to promote creates a separate tax for millionaires that no one else has to pay. It is the definition of creating one set of rules for the wealthy and another set for everyone else. And if Biden and Obama believed Biden's statement, the administration would favor a flat tax. It does not.

Biden also said, 'when you all pay your taxes next week, you ... ought to be able to know that everyone else is paying their fair share as well.'

Right. More than half of American households pay no federal income taxes at all. But Biden and Obama don't want to correct that perversion, they want to expand it.

'...(T)he one thing we don't like is being played for a sucker,' Biden said. Well, then stop playing us for one.

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