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Police-involved deadly shooting in Keene

Union Leader Correspondent

April 18. 2012 2:35AM

KEENE - A man was shot dead in an officer-involved shooting Tuesday night on Marlboro Street near the police station.

The incident began about 10:15 p.m. when officers went to Diversified Computers, 255 West St., for a reported burglary.

A man was on the roof of the building when police arrived. Two people fled the scene on foot and were arrested after a short pursuit.

Police identified them as William Rodriquez, 41, of Lawrence, Mass., and Jonathan Figueroa, 26, of Methuen, Mass. Both were arrested on attempted burglary charges. In 8th Circuit Court, Keene District Division, Wednesday, both men had bail set at $100,000 cash. Both were charged with attempt to commit burglary and were ordered to have no contact with each other. The arraignment took place via video conference.

In Tuesday night's incident, a third man fled the scene in a car which police pursued to Marlboro Street. The driver parked the car near the corner of Prescott Street and got out.

When an officer ran after him, authorities said the man got back into the car and tried to drive off.

'In the course of this escape, two officers fired at the vehicle killing the suspect, who remains unidentified,' according to the press release.

An autopsy will be done on the deceased Thursday to determine his exact cause and manner of death.

The investigation is ongoing.

The last deadly shooting involving Keene police occurred Feb. 2, 2011, when Charles E. Turcotte, 39, broke into the home of his former girlfriend, Hae Kyong Whitcomb. Turcotte had a knife pressed against Whitcomb's throat when Officer Joseph English fired a shot, hitting him in the head and killing him. The attorney general ruled the officer was justified in using deadly force in the incident.

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