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May 01. 2012 12:42PM

NH news from around the web - Updated 5/1


NH school construction project fails inspection
MERIDEN, N.H. - A new 40-thousand square foot field house under construction in Meriden, New Hampshire is now being torn down. State and federal inspectors determined the facility's cement footings were not properly installed.
The original contract with the contractor has been terminated and a lawsuit has been filed in Sullivan County Superior Court. The school is trying to recoup its losses.

UNH report analyzes demographic trends

Multiple UFOs reported as ongoing activity by New Hampshire witness
The New Hampshire witness was able to shoot video of objects seen on April 27, 2012. The video can be downloaded directly from MUFON here for viewing in two files: File 1 and File 2.

Former NH woman dies from injuries in March crash in NY
Dolores Bach was a passenger in a car that was hit head-on by a car driven by Edith Kelly, 69, of Saylorsburg at 3:55 p.m. March 19 on Route 209, state police at Fern Ridge said. US: Gay priest in running to replace Gene Robinson
The Rev William W Rich, a married homosexual, is senior associate rector at Trinity Church in Boston, and is one of the three candidates for the position of bishop. Rich holds a doctoral degree in psychology and religion and has also been a lecturer at Union Theological Seminary in New York, the Boston Globe reported.


Couponing and the Modern Savings Model – Interview with Linkable Networks CEO, Tom Burgess
The coupon industry has come a long way from the nostalgic days of my grandmother clipping coupons from Manchester, New Hampshire's Union Leader newspaper. In some ways, it's even become "cool." With all the daily deals sites and tight economic times, the industry is burgeoning. Technorati spoke with Linkable Networks CEO, Tom Burgess, about the industry trends. video: Forced retirees can avoid emotional, psychological black holes says retired NH fire chief/adjunct professor at Southern New Hampshire University
Losing someone in leadership can be a shock to a firehouse and will affect morale, Antonellis said. However, the immediate concern should be the emotional health of the retiree, who may be shocked by the unexpected life-change and be unprepared financially and emotionally. The result is a population of high-risk professionals forced into retirement who have psychological problems, Antonellis said.

WSJ: Imperial boss leaves as part of settlement

Closed Groveton mill continues to cost Wassau millions a year on natural gas contract
The Paper segment reported a first-quarter operating profit of $0.3 million, including a charge of $3.3 million relating to a natural gas transportation contract at the previously closed manufacturing facility in Groveton, New Hampshire. On a comparable basis in the prior year, Paper achieved an operating profit of $0.6 million, including pre-tax charges of $3.3 million in capital-related expense.

Engineers Develop Algorithm To Slow Incoming Cyber Attacks

New Hampshire And Massachusetts Condominium Practice: What's Different? What's The Same?


Historic Balsams resort putting items up for auction
It's closed for renovations, but the stately northern New Hampshire resort where the first-in-the-nation presidential primary ballots have been cast for 50 years is auctioning off bedroom sets, antiques, dining equipment _ and a 96-chair ski lift.

Fear-Mongering: Meet the Preppers... and the Mormons (Part 1)
In this week's cover story about survivalists, I speak with a man who identifies himself only as "Bowreeguard," who hails from hard-granite New Hampshire and says that prepping was a way of life for his family when he was growing up.

New Hampshire to receive ECS Frank Newman Award for State Innovation on July 10
The award recognizes the state's bold high school reforms that replace the time-based system of Carnegie units with competency-based learning and other innovations taking place in New Hampshire's K-12 schools.

'Our Last Stand' kicks off 'Freedom Isn't Free' tour in Manchester on May 30 Two weeks until final exams, how will students prepare?
According to John Limber, a member of the psychology department here at the University of New Hampshire, the longer you're in college, the less you begin to care.

The 'Father of America' is given the reins of his country
The only other man than George Washington who came close to being unanimously elected was James Monroe, who ran virtually unopposed in his second term. New Hampshire senator, William Plumer gave his vote to Secretary of State John Quincy Adams instead of Monroe.

World's tallest flower set to bloom at Niagara Parks
The two dormant corms (bulb like structures) were donated to Niagara Parks Commission by Louis M. Ricciardiello of Gilford, New Hampshire. At the time when they were donated, each corm weighed 150 pounds.

Video: 'The Conversation' interviews Sarah Silverman on relationships

Big Hollywood: Epic testing fail for Roseanne, Sarah Silverman pilots
NBC, which had ordered shows from Roseanne Barr and Sarah Silverman, is leaking news that "Downwardly Mobile," starring Barr, is dying in testing; Sarah Silverman's pilot is also suffering the slings and arrows of outraged viewers.

Adam Sandler contributes song to Sesame Street 'Signing with the Stars'

NH radio contest gave famed cowboy yodeler Kenny Roberts his start
Roberts learned to yodel and at the age of 17, won a New Hampshire radio contest to be chosen as "Eastern States Yodeling Champion" in 1944.

Halestorm to end U.S. tour with show at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester


NHSUPCO - New Hampshire v. Thomas Willey <<< Sex assault conviction affirmed, but sentence is vacated and case is remanded for resentencing.
IV. Conclusion - The majority opinion is in disharmony with the traditional deference owed to the sentencing judge, who is, after all, in the best position to evaluate the nature and severity of the crime and the likelihood that the offender will re-offend. Although I have little doubt that the immediate result of today's remand will be simply to have the trial judge reaffirm more solemnly than she has done already that she really and truly did not consider improper sentencing factors, the implications of this case for the future are unfortunate. By showing a willingness to single out what is, at most, an arguably imprecise word or phrase in the judge's remarks and subject it to the most exacting scrutiny for the mere possibility it could reflect improper sentencing factors, we have effectively sent a message to sentencing judges that “the less said, the better.” Candor at the sentencing phase should not be so readily discouraged.

June 7th NH Supreme Court oral arguments calendar
> In the Matter of Nancy E. Woolsey and Grant E. Woolsey
> Karen L. Lawrence v. Philip Morris USA
> NH v. Timothy Perri
> Appeal of Casey B. Moore
> In the Matter of Kimberly J. Nicholson and John P. Nicholson
> NH v. Robert L. Baker
> In the Matter of Christian A. Poulin and Rose Marie (Poulin) Wall
> Henderson Holdings at Sugar Hill v. Town of Sugar Hill

NHPUC - National Grid - Order Approving Cost of Gas Rates and Granting Motion for Confidential Treatment

NHPUC - Unitil Energy Systems - Tariff Filing for Step Adjustment to the Reliability Enhancement and Vegetation Management Programs
Request to increase its distribution rates to recover a total revenue requirement of $1,469,304 approved.

NHPUC - Northern Utilities - Order Approving Cost of Gas Rate and Granting Motion for Confidential Treatment

NHPUC - New Hampshire Gas Corp. - Order Approving Cost of Gas Rate


The Hill - Lobbying World: Former Rep. Paul Hodes, D-NH, returns to Shaheen & Gordon

Al Gore at Hampshire College: Global warming is real
Just before Gore spoke, he was introduced by Hampshire alumnus Gary Hirshberg, co-founder of the New Hampshire-based Stonyfield Farm, who announced a $1 million donation to the college for its commitment to the environment.

States scaling back worker pensions to save money

UNH English professor throws his hat into NH Senate race
He said that he was inspired to run for office when he met then candidate Barack Obama at an event in the summer of 2007 and listened to a speech about giving back to the community.

Use of Predator drones to patrol Mexican-USA border proves costly and ineffective
The drones require an hour of maintenance for every hour they fly, and cost about $3000 per hour to fly.

Will Social Security Last for Gen X, Y, Z?
While some are sounding the alarm bell, Steve Gorin, the executive director of the New Hampshire Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, says the news is not surprising, given the recent recession. According to Gorin, fixing the projected shortfall would not take much effort.


Equal-pay plaintiff campaigns for Obama in NH
HANOVER, N.H.—Campaigning for President Barack Obama in New Hampshire, the Alabama woman whose lawsuit led to the federal pay equity law that bears her name said Monday that voters shouldn't trust statements by Republican Mitt Romney that he doesn't plan to change the law if elected president.

Gary Johnson picks Judge Jim Gray for Libertarian Party VP nod
Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who is seeking the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, has selected California Judge Jim Gray as his running mate, the Daily Caller reported Monday.


Dallas Morning News - Jacquielynn Floyd: Using ‘beer test' to judge candidates? Not voting at all is smarter

Ted Wright: Marijuana may help save my wife's life
The Phase I clinical trial that she is undergoing has proven to be quite miraculous, but it has one drawback. It makes her constantly nauseated and, as a result, anorexic. I recently watched helplessly as she had to swallow the vomit that contained the life-giving treatment in order to make sure that she benefited from it. One can only imagine such a horror, and certainly no one should have to endure it! None of the anti-emetic drugs available to her work in her case. At the advice of the staff at Dana-Farber and of a friend, she tried marijuana and it worked almost immediately!


Club Baseball Wins ACBA World Series
The championship was played on Sunday with the Harvard Crimson pitted against second-ranked host New Hampshire.

UNH plays host to ECCCC cycling tournament where ‘Cats finish second
Cyclists from more than 50 colleges battled strong headwinds this weekend as more than 400 participants competed in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference Championship, at the University of New Hampshire. It was the first year UNH has hosted the conference championship, which brought in hundreds of spectators to the Durham area to cheer on the riders. With Portsmouth streak ended, door is open for Martensdale-St. Marys

Students face discipline for racist tweets about Joel Ward
A spokeswoman for New Hampshire's Franklin Pierce University said a student's tweet used "vile racial slurs." A statement from the university said the school considered that "a matter of grave concern" and promised "we are taking immediate action." MORE

Tilton's Cohen commits to Manhattan

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