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Time. It's what these moms say they really want

Union Leader Correspondent

May 09. 2012 11:13PM
Jennifer Murray is excited to be able to spend Mother's Day with her husband, a Marine, who was in Afghanistan last year, and her son Jacob. (Nancy Bean Foster)

W hile traditional Mother's Day gifts like chocolates or flowers are always special, what many moms say they want this year is time. Ironically, it's particularly important to those who work in the shops selling candy and flowers for the holiday.

This week, women such as Lisa Migneault, owner of Lisa's Sweets in Milford, and Eileen Cavallero, who owns The Garden Party flower shop on the Milford Oval, both have been working tirelessly to wrap boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers for other moms, so on Sunday, they're both looking forward to a day of rest.

Migneault said that over the years she's gotten wonderful presents, including a bench for her garden and a locket with pictures of her family, but this year she just wants a simple breakfast in bed and someone else to fold the laundry.

'Truly, it doesn't matter what the gift is as long as they just appreciate me for the day, and know that I work hard for them 364 days a year, and that this one is for me,' said Migneault.

And though she spends the year surrounded by flowers, Cavallero said she just wants 'a day off from everything and a room full of peonies.'

Lydia Lauzier, co-owner of Stella's Fine Chocolates in Bedford, said, 'We're so busy all the time with our three teenage sons. What I want is to spend a day with my family, to just be with them without having to do anything else.'

Lauzier, who owns the chocolate shop with her mom, said that every day is a little bit like Mother's Day because they spend so much time together, but it's the frantic pace of daily living that gets overwhelming and makes her long for just a few hours of simple family time.

These women are not alone. Lots of moms are looking forward to Sunday, not because they want extravagant gifts, but because they could really use a break.

'I really just want my husband to watch the kids this weekend, and maybe get a nice spa treatment,' said Karen Giguere of Chester.

And Jessica Barry, a hairdresser at the Firefly Salon in Derry, said she wants to keep Mother's Day simple.

'I just want to do nothing for a day,' said Barry. 'I'd like them to cook me dinner and to relax and spend time doing nothing with my family.'

For Jennifer Murray of Londonderry, the best Mother's Day gift she could have asked for came early this year when her husband, a Marine, came home after being overseas.

'Last Mother's Day he was deployed in Afghanistan,' said Murray, who has a 17-month-old son named Jacob. 'Just having him home and having our family back together is all I wanted.'

Some moms find Mother's Day a challenge because they have to help their children and husband find the right gift, but don't know what to ask for.

'I can never seem to think of anything I really want,' said Ellen Works, an administrative assistant for the Milford Police Department. 'Guess I have everything!'

Moms also look forward to a nice meal on Mother's Day - one they don't have to cook or pick up the tab for.

'I always want to go out for a nice brunch, like a really nice brunch, the kind you can only find on Mother's Day,' said Cherina Cohen of Amherst.

For artist Christine Destrempes, it's not time, gifts or even a meal she'd like to have this year. Instead, it's something a little more difficult to come by.

'The answer that I give whenever anyone asks me what I want is world peace,' she said. 'I know I'll never get it, but I can continue to hope.'

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