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May 21. 2012 3:01PM

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Two more charged in trumped up Chicago terror arrests

New guidelines recommend lung cancer CT scans for heavy smokers


Mass High Tech: Portsmouth-based Novocure trials find device effective at treating tumors with alternating electrical fields tuned to disrupt uncontrolled cell division
“The patients treated within this trial had very, very advanced disease. Most of our patients rapidly become independent in handling the device and loved having a treatment without the need for chemotherapy,” Dr. Roger Stupp of the University of Lausanne, lead author of the study, said in a written statement. “We are encouraged by our findings and the future groundbreaking potential of NovoTTF therapy in this tough-to-treat disease and other cancer.”

Hollis firm transforms a cellphone into a whole new ball game
That's the idea behind a new product from Physical Apps in Hollis, N.H. TheO Ball is a foam sphere with a pocket in its center to keep the phone safe while allowing players to see its screen. Some of the initial games will be bowling, hot potato, and a question-and-answer game called Interrogo, but the company also plans a software development kit that will enable others to create games for TheO. The ball will sell for $24.95. Additional apps will be sold through the Android and iTunes online marketplaces.

Move Over, Maple Syrup, Birch Syrup May Challenge Your Sweet Rule


NHPR: New Hampshire's Immigration Story - The Influence of the Irish

Soon-to-be graduate beat mom in court to escape NH public schools to find academic success in Fla.

New Hampshire Physician Assistant Spearheads Humanitarian Efforts To Deliver Medical Care To Thousands Abroad
ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 21, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- When Jack Gardner, PA-C, of Portsmouth, N.H., left a successful business career 12 years ago to become a physician assistant, he did not anticipate the number of lives he would touch as he pursued his dream to provide medical care to those in need.


Likely too late for Mass. dems to dump Elizabeth Warren say politicos
“The Democratic Party is really stuck,” countered University of New Hampshire political science professor Andrew Smith. “They essentially cleared the path for her as a candidate, and they can't get rid of her now. She could conceivably drop out, but I doubt that will be the case, and I doubt the party will try to push her aside.” …

Time Runs Out For Senate to Act on NH Constitutional Carry

Eagle-Tribune: Guinta among thriftiest lawmakers
A study released last week by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation ranked the first-term Congressman from New Hampshire 432nd out of 438 in the entire House for "net" spending, that is the amount his bills would cut spending versus increasing it. Congressman Charlie Bass, the other member of the all-Republican New Hampshire House delegation, ranked 228th, with cuts amounting to $31.7 million — one-tenth the amount from Guinta. A Plan to Privatize a State's Entire Male Prison System
Will New Hampshire become the first state in the country with such a system?

Members Of Congress Don't Talk So Good, Analysis Shows


Romney faced leadership test in Big Dig tragedy
Mitt Romney was at his New Hampshire vacation home on a summer night in 2006 when 26 tons of concrete ceiling panels in one of Boston's Big Dig highway tunnels collapsed. The debris crushed a car and killed a female passenger.

Swing Voters and Elastic States
The classic example of an elastic state is New Hampshire. It has a very high percentage of independents, and those voters are also independent-minded in practice. Almost all of New Hampshire's voters are white, but very few of them are evangelicals, characteristics that roughly balance out (Mr. Obama won about 55 percent of the nonevangelical white vote in 2008).


Judd Gregg: Senate's centrists must take the lead in restoring bipartisan consensus


Young guns putting themselves on the radar for Jays

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