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May 22. 2012 8:12PM

Curb your cougar: Manchester's animal control

Manchester will get back its second animal control officer come July 1. That is probably a good thing, given what seems to be an increase in wild varmints entering the city — and we aren't even including the pit bulls.

But attacks by supposedly domesticated animals, of whatever breed, can be as dangerous as the occasional (pick one) cougar, mountain lion or bobcat meandering through neighborhoods. They are a danger not just to other pets but to humans, big and small, and they need to be investigated and corrected.

If it is true that a woman was told by police that her problem with a neighbor's pit bull was a “dog-on-dog” situation and would not be responded to over the weekend, that was probably not the wisest police reaction. “Dog-on-dog” can easily lead to “owner vs. owner” and with the caller now armed with a knife and a nine-iron (good club, that), tension mounts.

A second animal officer for a city of Manchester's size is a good thing. And please spare us the comparison to school contracts. Keeping the peace has its place, no matter other issues.

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