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June 02. 2012 11:16AM

NH news from around the web - Updated 6/2


Bullyproofing: Can you teach kids to protect themselves
Smith, who is working on a program called "Courage to Care" that’s being tested in three rural New Hampshire schools, cited an example of a new boy who was being pushed and shoved by other boys in the hallway. "We didn’t know how to empower him," Smith said, until the staff noticed that he’d become friends with a girl. "This girl is sweet but really assertive. What are seventh grade boys more afraid of than anything? Girls! So having her walk down the hall with this boy was the immediate solution to ending the bullying."

Vietnam Vet wins battle to receive Purple Heart


NH banks come together to control costs, but maintain indepndence
You can call it a partnership or even a marriage but the chief executives for Merrimack County Savings Bank and Meredith Village Savings Bank are clear: The new relationship they announced yesterday is not a merger.

CBS Video: For unemployed in N.H., working for free pays off
(CBS News) MANCHESTER, N.H. - Steve Gleason puts in 24 hours a week making circuit boards at Electropac, a Manchester, New Hampshire manufacturer. But he's not getting paid.

Lingering health fears for those who worked at Kearsarge Metallurgical
CONWAY — The Kearsarge Metallurgical Corp. has become synonymous with environmental damage following decades of cleanup of its Hobbs Street site, but the effect on the former employees of working with the hazardous materials used in the company's manufacturing process on is less well-documented. Bank Attorney Cautions on GFA/Monadnock Repeats
The planned buyout by GFA Credit Union in Massachusetts of a New Hampshire bank could pave the way for others but capital issues still remain a challenge, a Washington attorney representing the bank said Friday.

NH-based crowdfunding site integrates with Facebook API


Forbes: The Coming World Of Self Driving Cars -- Why 2080 May Look A Lot Like 1880
F.O. Stanley and his wife, Flora, drove an automobile to the top of Mount Washington to become the first humans to make this journey by car.

Chasing dreamers: Life with an entrepreneur
The trials of life as the spouse of an entrepreneur are the subject of a new book, "For Better or for Work." It's by Meg Hirshberg, whose husband Gary built New Hampshire-based Stonyfield Farm. It's now the biggest seller of organic yogurt in the U.S. But that success came at a high price for Meg, who talked to Tess about the trials and tribulations of living with an entrepreneur.

Veteran trappers to offer free advice, instruction during 4-hour workshop in Holderness, NH


Former N.H. trust beneficiaries not entitled to jury trial
For example, in DiGaetano v. DiGaetano, the New Hampshire Supreme Court determined that several former trust beneficiaries appealing the judgment of a probate court were not entitled to a jury trial in superior court on their appeal. It all came down to the nature of the relief sought and the jurisdiction of the original court in which the action was brought.


Maryland Gov. O'Malley, in NH on a four-state junket, defends record of higher taxes

Seabrook town administrator placed on paid leave riling selectman who voted against the move
"I absolutely believe they planned this," Kelly said. "I didn't know what it was about, but they both did. In my opinion, they'd discussed this among themselves, and that's total malfeasance. They aren't supposed to be discussing town issues between themselves in private."

Jeanne Shaheen critical of NH decision to reject spending $3.2M on another rail study
Shaheen said the decision not to go forward with the study will impair the state’s ability to get money from the federal government. “Officials don’t want to award money that is going to be sent back,” she said.

Saturday ceremony will bring to life the most sophisticated attack submarine in U.S. history, the USS Mississippi


Confusion Over Campaign Law After Edwards Case

O’Reilly And Panel Clash Over Legitimacy Of Soledad O’Brien Asking About The ‘Stupid Birth Certificate’
“We also believe the Romney camp has noticed some of our analysis and is beginning to confront the media,” O’Reilly noted, playing the clip of Sununu going after O’Brien. Bringing in his panel, he asked Janine Turner whether she thought this was an elaborate conspiracy, or merely the result of reporters being sympathetic to the President on their own. Turner did believe this was part of something bigger than just O’Brien, and O’Reilly noted that this was “reminiscent of John King” asking Newt Gingrich in a debate about “being in a hot tub with eighteen women, or something like that.”


Washington Post Rebukes Politifact (Indirectly)
For the record, I detest all media fact checking, and that includes Glenn Kessler's work at the Post. For anyone, especially the media, to puff themselves up as arbiters of truth is the very antithesis of what journalism should be about. In fact, whenever someone on our side cites a media fact-checker in their own defense, I die a little inside knowing the short-term gain isn't worth the long-term cost that comes with the validating of such irresponsible partisan hackery.

Howard Elliott: Why is Ottawa pushing shopping in the U. S.?
Retailers in Maine, New York State, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington and New Hampshire and other such border states must be big fans of the Harper government. If they’re not, they should be, since our federal government has loosened duty-free limits, providing a new incentive for cross-border shoppers to enrich American businesses and their economy.

HuffPo attacks NH lawmaker for being anti-immigration


No Beer Goggles For Baseball Stadium Brew Prices
According to an analysis by, the most expensive beer of any baseball stadium is sold at the new Marlins Park, where baseball fans pay $8 for a Bud Light draft.

Australia's Clayton Fettell looking to win Ironman 70.3 Mooseman

Soap box star carries Krider Racing flag
Addy, who could only take a single carry-on bag on the plane, had to borrow a soap box derby car when she arrived in New Hampshire.

Women's Soccer News: New England Mutiny's Spotlight on Milfod, NH's Morgan Andrews

44th Annual Market Days Festival
Thursday-Friday, 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.,
Saturday, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Darci Lynne
Saturday, 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

2nd Annual Amherst Food Truck Festival
Saturday, 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.

14th Annual New England Brewfest
Saturday, 3 p.m. - 8 p.m.

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