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Caroline Kennedy says Presidential race represents two different visions of future of U.S.

Union Leader Correspondent

June 27. 2012 10:52PM

Caroline Kennedy speaks to President Obama supporters during a stop at the Puritan Backroom in Manchester Wednesday evening. (Mark Bolton/Union Leader)

NASHUA -Caroline Kennedy stumped for President Obama's reelection bid Wednesday night, highlighting the differing visions for the country held by the two parties.

'I think the most important (difference) is that this election really represents a kind of dramatic choice between two visions of America,' Kennedy said. 'President Obama's vision that embraces opportunity and fairness and a better future, and the Republican vision … would turn the clock back on so much of the social justice and economic progress that we've made.'

Kennedy, the only living child of former President John F. Kennedy, spoke at the Obama campaign headquarters in Nashua. She said she was glad to return to the place where her father began his campaign in 1960.

'I'm a woman, a mother, a lawyer, an educator, and I really believe that Barack Obama is fighting for the America that I believe in.'

Despite those who say the President has done little since he entered the Oval Office, Kennedy listed Obama's achievements.

The first bill he signed was the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay for women act, she said.

'He saved the auto industry. He signed the anti-nuclear proliferation treaty. He expanded oil production. Made record investments in clean energy, doubled fuel-efficiency standards and put hard working immigrants on a path to (residency), and restored our reputation around the world.'

Prior to Kennedy's address, the 100-plus crowd shared a chant of 'Ready to go, Fired Up,' and 'Four more years.' Campaign workers urged people to sign up and volunteer.

Kennedy emerged to speak for just over 15 minutes, prior to a campaign event later last night.

'President Obama didn't just change the way that the world looks at America,' she said. 'I think he's really shown the kind of leadership and character that my father wrote about … the courage to keep fighting for all Americans, no matter what kind of special interests or personal attacks are used against him.'

Kennedy praised Obama's commitment to education at all levels. 'As he likes to remind us, education is an economic issue because the countries that out-educate us today … will out-compete us tomorrow.'

Azam Daneshvar, an Iranian native who has lived in Nashua for 15 years, was all smiles at the Obama event. But she said Kennedy was right: Reelection won't be easy.

'You have to stand up, and as much as we can, convince those who don't know (who to vote for), help them to find the right decision and voting for Obama,' she said.

Daneshvar said she supports Obama in part because he refused to back Middle Eastern dictators as their people overturned them.

And she would like to see the same happen in Iran. 'Oh my God, yes. We are really suffering from the Islamic hardliners. We really lost everything.'

David Tencza, who heads the Nashua Democratic Committee, said there's love for the Kennedy name in the Granite State. 'There's every bit of the fondness for the Kennedys in New Hampshire as there is in Massachusetts,' he said.

'Their focus - from President Kennedy to Bobby Kennedy to Ted Kennedy - has always been that working people have all the opportunity and are living a good secure life that anyone else would get.'

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