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No sign of cancer for Keene woman

MANCHESTER — Gail O&#';Brien of Keene, the first woman in the nation to get insurance through the high-risk pool under the Affordable Care Act, said Thursday she is showing no sign of cancer.

Nearly two years after getting insurance July 1, 2010, and treatment for her non-Hodgkin&#';s lymphoma, O&#';Brien said: &#';Currently there is no sign of cancer, but they won&#';t let me use the word cancer-free.&#';

In a conference call with N.H. Voices for Health, O&#';Brien said she got sick in March 2010 after her family went without insurance for four or five years because they couldn&#';t afford it.

Although they paid for private insurance after her husband lost his job at the former Bradlees store, it became too expensive, she said.

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