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Romney and kin enjoy 'coolest' place in America

Union Leader Correspondent

July 04. 2012 8:32PM
Republican Presidential candidate and Governor Mitt Romney held a last minute rally on the Brewster Academy campus following the Wolfeboro Independence Day parade. (Courtesy)

WOLFEBORO - Introduced as the 'future first family and next President of the United States,' Mitt Romney, his wife Anne and family stepped off a Wolfeboro Trolley and into a crowd of well wishers for a post-parade rally held on the picturesque Brewster Academy campus.

'Thank you so much, Wolfeboro,' said Romney, calling the town where he has a lakefront vacation home, 'a little corner of paradise.'

'I hope America can see this is the coolest place in America, the best place to celebrate the Fourth of July,' added his wife, Anne. 'All around, we're surrounded by people we love.'

In brief comments, former Mass. Gov. Romney said it was 'time for us to come together as a nation.' Quoting from John Quincy Adams, he said 'the individual is sovereign; the government is servant.'

'I love our flag. I love the heroism of those who built this country,' he said.

'The world needs a strong America,' he said. 'We believe in America. We don't want America to be something its not,' he said, adding this is a nation of opportunity.

U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, and her family joined the Romney's on stage. Ayotte is reported to be on the list of potential running mates.

In brief comments she praised Anne and Mitt Romney and said the public was blessed to have such a strong leader running for president.

State Sen. Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, a long-time Romney supporter, called the level of enthusiasm and the turnout for the parade and rally was 'spectacular.'

'He's doing a great job,' he said of the Romney campaign. 'The latest polls show he is ahead in battleground states.'

Bradley said Romney is the clear choice for both conservative Democrats and Republicans over President Barack Obama because of the trillion dollar deficit and the 25 million who are either under or un-employed.

'Obama's policies have not worked,' said Bradley, a former congressman.

Bradley, who has a home on Rust Pond, said Romney's presence certainly shines a light on Wolfeboro. 'It puts us on the map,' he said, adding the candidate and his family is careful not to overstretch local resources by their presence here.


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