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Adam McCune's Manchester: The end of a chapter, the start of another

July 04. 2012 11:56PM

'I awoke today, and suddenly - nothing happened.

But in my dreams, I slew the dragon.'

- Colin Hay

- - - - - - - -

This is it.

After four years and 220 columns, I'm hanging up the hat, er, the pen, or the Bluetooth keyboard. Whatever it is.

I want to thank you for reading this column during that time.

Like a close and personal friend, you've been here while some very big moments in my life, and this city, happened. My stretch of unemployment was tough, but having a voice and sharing those struggles and triumphs with you made it much easier to take. Knowing that someone was out there, going through the same thing, but without a place to share it, pushed me forward. If that was you, thank you.

That downturn hit Manchester hard. And when this column was focusing on its highest level, it was because I was mirroring those elements of the city. I wasn't alone in unemployment.

This may sound a little backward, but during that time I became a writer. I dove into this space with all my heart. I was unemployed when I won a national award, from my peers, for this column. My weeks were filled with moments that I would earmark in my mind, thinking 'this would be great for a column.'

I would collect those moments; I called them nuggets. A nugget here, a nugget there. Then, I would share them with you, hoping you found them as clever as I did.

We struggled through the housing market together. We were in the thick of it. Trying to refinance, avoiding a ballooning ARM loan, putting our house on the market, and ultimately moving. It was a process, one that took a long time, and one I was lucky enough to share.

Since I've written the column, I've gotten married. I was able to share with you our mishaps getting married in December. I don't suggest anyone gets married in December in New Hampshire. It tends to snow. A lot.

I've shared some of our pain, dealing with a child who has medical issues that are still a mystery. I can say that right now, Isak is doing better than ever.

More recently, I was able to share with you the birth of my newest son. I have three wonderful, cherished boys.

I've crashed election night after-parties at the now defunct Wayfarer. I've talked about Elm Street's growth, about South Willow Street's gains, and about all the arterial roads in between that pump life into this city.

I've shared my experience, and the experiences of those around us. From Matt Farley, a strange and wonderful character and media darling who still inspires me, to Alex James, who now will get his shot with the Red Sox. There was Cheryl Mitchell, who turned the death of Officer Michael Briggs into a moment of personal change and rebirth for her neighborhood.

That's the handle here folks, life moves on and changes, and it's most beautiful when that change happens. You learn, you grow and you move on to bigger and better things. In that fashion, I'll always be a changeling.

If you are so inclined, you can follow me on Facebook. I check in there often. You can e-mail me as well. I'm open ears. Always.

Manchester is a city of change, a city still being reborn every day, and I can't wait to see what's in store.

Thank you, dear reader, from the bottom of my heart.

On to the next dragon.

Adam McCune is the author of 'Funny Man Down.' You can find Adam on Facebook at 'AdamJMcCune' or e-mail him at

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