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Another View -- Kelly Ayotte: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are 'America's Comeback Team'

August 17. 2012 12:11AM

Last Saturday, Gov. Romney chose Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to be his vice presidential running mate. Together, they will be America's Comeback Team. Their combined experience makes them just the ticket to get our economy moving again. And in the Live Free or Die State, these two proven leaders share our values.

We can all agree that we need a thriving economy that offers opportunity for good jobs and the pursuit of the American Dream. But under the Obama presidency, that's not what we've seen. Today, 23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. For 42 straight months, the unemployment rate has been above 8 percent. Last month, unemployment increased amid signs that the economy is slowing down. That's a far cry from where the Obama administration said we'd be - below 6 percent unemployment - if we passed the President's massive stimulus package.

Even as millions of middle-class families struggle to make ends meet, the President recently said, 'We tried our plan, and it worked.' Sadly, he's wrong. His plan has made things worse. We're experiencing the weakest three-year recovery since World War II.

The good news is that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a plan to get our fiscal house in order and get Americans working again. The Romney Plan has five components: harnessing our natural resources to work toward energy independence, ensuring Americans have the skills they need to succeed, pursuing trade policy that benefits America, cutting the federal budget deficit, and championing small businesses.

In contrast, President Obama has no plan. In fact, his budget proposal was universally rejected by Democrats and Republicans in Congress. His only priorities for a second term are higher taxes, more spending, and more stimulus paid for with more borrowing from China - the same recycled policies that have failed to produce good jobs and a dynamic, functioning economy. This fundamental failure of leadership is sinking America deeper into a debt crisis.

The problem is President Obama does not appreciate how the economy works. He made headlines recently for telling small business owners, 'If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Someone else made that happen.' This was a revealing statement. It exposed the President's belief that success comes from government, not from hard work or individual achievement.

That's not what most Americans believe. And it's certainly not what we believe in New Hampshire. Successful enterprises, small businesses and family-run companies in the Granite State are not the result of the federal bureaucracy. They are the product of the blood, sweat and tears of dedicated entrepreneurs.

Attacking free market values is dangerous, and it's wrong for our state and country. Moreover, growing the federal bureaucracy would be disastrous. The government already spends more than it takes in, borrowing 40 cents for every dollar. And under President Obama, over $5 trillion has been added to the national debt in just three and a half years. Because he failed to keep his promise to cut the deficit in half, the national debt has skyrocketed and, under his proposals, would reach $25 trillion by the end of the next decade.

A Romney-Ryan administration will reduce runaway federal spending, eliminate unnecessary federal programs, reduce wasteful bureaucracy, and preserve and strengthen Medicare and Social Security so that they'll be there for future generations. While President Obama raided from Medicare to pay for Obamacare, Mitt Romney will protect Medicare for current beneficiaries and those nearing eligibility - and he will preserve the program for future generations.

This election is about nothing less than the very future of our country. President Obama's record of borrowing and spending hasn't worked, and his government-centered worldview is out of line with those who value individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will fight for a new direction. They will strengthen the free enterprise system, restore the American Dream and defend the vision of America's founders. After November 6, we can look forward to better days under the leadership of America's Comeback Team.

Kelly Ayotte represents New Hampshire in the United States Senate.

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