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Joseph W. McQuaid: Obama's response pitiful and pathetic

New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher

September 13. 2012 1:28AM


The Obama administration's response to attacks on American embassies and the murder of American diplomats is pathetic. Obama himself was bloodless and without any emotion whatsoever in his Rose Garden appearance Wednesday. His reference to seeking 'justice' for the murderers of Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens seemed pretty much an afterthought.

This is no more likely to deter further attacks on Americans than was our Egyptian embassy's initial pitiful statement of apology for a movie that the Islamic fundamentalists don't like.

But what else to expect from a President who has been apologizing for the United States and literally kowtowing to foreigners since he took office? This, after all, is the man whose party convention last week boasted of its military savvy while mistakenly showing RUSSIAN warships on the big screen.

Never mind his absolute bungling on the American economy. If Obama remains in office for another four years, America as we know it will be in great peril.

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