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Gate City Musings: A fresh look at politics in Nashua

September 23. 2012 11:29PM

'Gate City Musings' will appear in the Nashua edition of the Union Leader on a biweekly basis. For the time being (and probably long after) the author's name will remain secreted in the UL's library ... not because he or she is fearful of being uncovered but because 'Musings' has to be non-partisan politically, although one could say the author leans to the right philosophically.

'Musings' welcomes praise and criticism as well as suggestions where Gate City folks (and those living beyond its borders) would like us to look into the actions of liberal and right wing rascals in Nashua and the rest of the state who feel their government is off-track on the social issues of the day. 'Musings' will tackle city politics and our local political 'leaders' as well as our state pols, most of whom feel they know what's good for us lowly peasants.

Since the leaders of our local government, namely Madame Mayor and her toadies on the Board of Aldermen, aren't that concerned about taxes and spending, 'Musings' will comment on what's going on 'behind the scenes in city government' and occasionally take a good-natured poke at our city officials. And, of course, we can't let our state leaders from our great city off the hook as they tackle the weighty financial issues of the day.

So here goes ...

Isn't it incredible that members of our illustrious Board of Aldermen and Women can't behave in City Hall? Things have gotten so out of hand that one alderman wants to fine any of his fellow elected pals who don't know enough to be civil. Whatever happened to the president of the board, 'Mr. Big Mac,' who is supposed to maintain decorum in the aldermanic chambers? It wasn't so long ago that a former aldermanic president in one of his public rants against a citizen got so 'out of sorts' he called the Nashua police and intimated that a mini-riot was brewing. The Nashua PD, not knowing what was going on, sent all six cruisers and officers on duty that evening to quell the potential disturbance, only to find the citizen had left the premises.

If a president of the Board of Aldermen can't keep things under control, he should seriously consider resigning or at the very least let someone else take over who can.

Question of the day: why hasn't anyone in our Concord legislative delegation brought out the fact that there appears to be an unholy alliance between certain GOP legislators from Nashua and Speaker of the House William O'Brien when most Nashua folks could care less about political philosophy but are very concerned over reckless spending and increased taxes.

Why didn't we hear any cries from our legislators (on either side of the aisle) when the former House Majority Leader, a close confidante of our Mr. Speaker, got into so much trouble he had to resign in disgrace.

Kudos to this summer's Great American Downtown's 'Taste of Downtown, a most entertaining and worthy event featuring what's best in our downtown restaurants. However, the city's 'Wet Blanket Award' goes to our local parking enforcement officers, and their superiors, for the issuance of 34 parking tickets that evening.

Seems that reason should have prevailed on this 'night of nights.' The only city official who commented on this faux pas was our city's economic development director, who compared this event to a typical Friday night. Well, this event wasn't on a Friday night and, besides, economic development should mean working with those who want our downtown to succeed, not to those who are more concerned over parking revenue.

Neither the mayor nor any members of the Board of Aldermen came to the defense of those 34 citizens who were left with a very bad taste in their mouths.

See you in the funny papers.

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