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In this weekend's Sunday News

September 26. 2012 11:53PM

In search of snakes

Specifically, the black racer snake. Join us as we follow a New Hampshire biologist into the snakes' habitat in Hopkinton as part of an effort to learn more about the species. Black racers, listed as threatened in New Hampshire, are nonvenemous and good at hiding, but we'll give you a good look.

Home front

The new Medicare tax will affect home sales. Passed in 2010 to help fund the health care overhaul, this 3.8 percent surtax kicks in next year on many forms of investment income - including interest, dividends, rents and capital gains. While its effect on real estate transactions won't be as far-reaching as many fear, the Medicare tax will pack more of a punch than some believe for certain investors.

The great chase

Low interest rates have many investors searching high and low for high-yielding investments. Many are focusing on stocks paying robust dividends. But not every high-dividend stock is created equally and there are real pitfalls to chasing these investments. We'll examine a few sectors and companies and lay out some strategies. What kind of returns can you expect from your investments for the next few years?

Come aboard the Royal Clipper

It's time to sail, and the Royal Clipper, said to be the world's largest full-rigged tall ship, is ready. The giant ship hums on the water, a hum that comes from the wind and the sound of a sail that's not yet unfurled. Inspired by a 1902 tall ship, the Clipper has five masts and 42 sails. The 439-foot-long ship can hold 227 passengers and allows them to watch - and even help - the crew raise and trim sails or help the captain turn the oak wheel on the always-open bridge.

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