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Gate City Musings: Nothing’s certain in Nashua as Nov. 6 looms

October 07. 2012 11:32PM

This fall's election is one of the hardest in history to predict, especially here in Nashua.

In the two local state senate races - which two years ago saw a GOP sweep - sources at City Hall and Concord tell me that won't occur this year with the decision of District 13 Sen. Gary Lambert not to run.

With hubby 'Doc' on a very short leash, Democrat Bette Lasky won't face a repeat of 'the tale of the missing signs.' Of course 'sign removal' before an election isn't anything new to our great city; however one would suggest that 'Doc' should have done his deed in the dark of night rather than in full daylight. Be that as it may, Bette should return to Concord, for no one really knows her opponent, and Obama folks will be out in force pushing all the Democrats.

In state Senate District 12, currently held by Republican Jim Luther, Democrat Peg Gilmour seeks a return to her old seat. It ain't goin' to happen, folks, for the New Hampshire Legislature did its very best to gerrymander the district in favor of 'Gentleman Jim,' as the Republicans did throughout the state. This was done fairly quietly due to the diligence of House Speaker Bill 'the quiet one' O'Brien, R-Mont Vernon.

One Nashua GOP lawmaker who went down to defeat in the September primary was Barry Palmer, one of the hardest working, most thoughtful legislators in Concord. He and his pipe will be missed.

Perhaps he will resume his singing career.

Had a chance to meet Mags Hassan at Martha's. She hasn't changed much since her appearance on stage at this year's Irish Breakfast. No humor, blame everything on the Tea Party and heaven forbid she would cut taxes and reduce spending. Sounds like a real winner.

The current cast of characters on the Nashua Board of Alderpersons can't seem to get their act straight on how to legislate civility in their midst. Perhaps it's time for a Charter change to make the Mayor the real CEO of our city, like Manchester did years ago. A strong Mayor wouldn't put up with such shenanigans. A strong gavel would put a stop to the grandstanding, in-fighting and disrespect.

A well-respected and longtime City Hall observer said recently that if the Alderpersons would leave their egos and pontifications at the door, things would change - hopefully! However, don't waste any time thinking that it will happen.

Speaking of City Hall, where has the champion budget watcher and spendthrift Bob 'I'll only speak for a minute' Sullivan been? Your many friends miss you. And a special shout-out to Dot Nice. Hope you are doing OK. City Hall isn't the same without you.

Kudos to the City Department of Public Works crew which has done a great job on the Main Street project, despite the protestations of several would-be mayors. Seems city employees can do an equally good or better job than high-priced outside contractors.

Who can recall the last time the Granite State attracted so much attention from presidential and vice presidential candidates in a general election?

Clem from Ward 9 was asked last week by a national pollster for whom he would be voting.

'Don't know,' said Clem. 'I shook President Obama's and Vice President Biden's hands eight times since March and Governor Romney practically moved in with me and wife, Clara, during that time. None of them impressed me that much, so ask me in early November, but for now put me in the undecided ranks and don't call me at 8:30 p.m., ever!'

See you in two weeks.

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