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Bob Smith: Why New Hampshire should vote for Mitt Romney

Bob Smith
Former U.S. Senator, R-NH

November 03. 2012 11:10AM

This Tuesday it all comes to an end. You have been subjected to a blizzard of advertisements, campaign signs, bumper stickers, commentary, mailings, phone calls, polling and endless (and sometimes mindless) speeches and debates. Now you walk into the privacy of the booth and filter all the clutter out and finally vote. With the utmost respect for that precious right which belongs to you, and you alone, I offer you a few final thoughts.

Those of you who have followed my political life in New Hampshire know that I fought hard for conservative values for over 20 years. You also know that I could be an independent voice. That is why I am going to tell you the blunt truth.

This election is not about you or me. This election is about 'we.' The first paragraph of our Constitution begins 'We, the people….' It is not about my Social Security, my veterans benefits, my retirement, my job, my future or my children and grandchildren. It is also not about 'sitting it out' because my guy did not win the primary.

On Tuesday, you are voting for our country, our jobs, our future, our retirement, our posterity and the survival of our country. If America fails, we all lose. Our Founding Fathers put their lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the line to create our great nation. It was personal sacrifice for the greater good. Throughout history, empires have come and gone. America is a nation of ideals and values. If our country fails, we all go down with it. We cannot let that happen. Too many have sacrificed too much for us to dishonor what they did.

There is one issue that dwarfs all others in this election, and that is the national debt. America is dangling on the precipice of destruction because of it. How can we defend ourselves, protect ourselves, live in freedom and seek our goals and dreams if our nation fails economically? The truth is, we cannot, and everyone reading this now knows that what I am saying is true. How long can you last before going bankrupt if you spend more than you take in?

I am pleading with you to filter out all of the other clutter and focus on the issue of our debt when you vote. The future of America is not in the hands of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. The future is in our hands, when we pull that lever.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, independent or something else, this is not a partisan issue. One of the major reasons that John McCain lost in 2008 was the dramatic increase in debt under President Bush and the resulting economic calamity. President Bush inherited a national debt of approximately 5.6 trillion when he came into office, and when he left the debt was over $10 trillion. John McCain paid the price for this at the polls.

President Obama told us about his 'hope and change' even accused President Bush of being 'unpatriotic' for allowing the debt to nearly double. He promised to cut the debt in half. President Obama did not deliver. The national debt now stands at $16 trillion and will be well over $20 trillion when he leaves office, if he receives a second term. Just as the Republicans lost in 2008 over the economic failures, so now, must the Democrats pay a similar price. Here again, this is not about my party, it is about my country. President Obama has failed at leading the nation out of this mess and a change is needed. A policy of 'blaming my predecessor for the problems I face' is not leadership.

Mitt Romney is the 'hope and change' of 2012. Romney and Ryan have promised to give the deficit and the debt top priority. Romney is a manager and a leader. He is an executive who knows how to make things work. He knows that the survival of America depends upon restoring our fiscal sanity. For the sake of America, they deserve a chance to deliver on that promise.

If polls are accurate, it is possible that the four electoral votes of New Hampshire could decide this election in the Electoral College. So you really are voting five times on Tuesday. Once in the booth and four more times in the Electoral College. They are your votes, but it is our country. Vote for all of us. Vote for Mitt Romney.

Bob Smith is a former U.S. Senator from New Hampshire. He now lives in Florida.


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