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Gate City Musings: Credit card control, and farewell to Dot

November 05. 2012 12:30AM

Editor's Note: Gate City Musings, a column on City Hall happenings and other Nashua items, is published every other Monday. It is written by a veteran political observer whose identity is known to the editors but who wishes to remain anonymous, and breathing.

Will wonders never cease?

It took years and years before these Board of Education members finally approved a credit card policy that they will oversee, rather than the school superintendent and a couple of school bureaucrats.

Remember that superintendent of schools who came to Nashua all fired up to re-make our schools and policies only to be fired herself (excuse me, she was allowed to resign!) concerning credit card use for expensive meals at fancy hotels and restaurants from here to Texas? Even for meals for herself and, believe it or not, a member of the BOE at the ultra-fancy Wentworth-By-The-Sea hotel.

This former school super was by far one of the most (if not the most) arrogant school employees the Nashua Board of Education has hired in the last 50 years. Since she had a city credit card, one would have thought that the School Board would have immediately begun to review credit card practices themselves rather than waiting almost 10 years to do something decisive. But then government does move rather slowly in the Gate City.

And by the way, how many tax dollars went to this former super so she would leave "quickly and quietly"? Answer, more than a quarter of a million dollars.

So congratulations to the Nashua School Board for taking the bull by the horns, albeit after many, many years.

Speaking about congratulations, kudos and a "tip of the hat" to the eight local baseball volunteer coaches who were honored by the Board of Aldermen earlier this month for their passion for baseball and their huge commitment to teaching our city's youth the finer aspects of Abner Doubleday's invention. And furthermore, thanks to all the volunteer coaches in all sports who make our city number one. Another "tip of the hat" to Alderman at Large Dave Deane.

Many thanks to Gene Barretto, Ernie Berube, Duane Ericson, Willie Kierstead, Bill Murphy, Bob Morin, Ray Oban and Jim Sanderson, who have given more than a combined 250 years of service to the Babe Ruth Baseball League in Nashua. "Musings" has personally seen these men and their teams in action and we should all be proud of their service to our city's youth. And thanks to Ward Aldermen: "Mr. Ward 6" Paul Chasse and "Mrs. Ward 7 the hat lady" June Caron, who made it all possible.

Condolences to Walt Nice, husband of "The 16th Alderman" and "Mrs. City Hall" Dot Nice on her untimely passing. Dot was a fixture in City Hall for years. Her dedication to her city government and our city's veterans was legendary. She will be missed most by those who felt that our city's governmental leaders needed someone to look over their shoulders who wasn't afraid to call a spade a spade.

One of Nashua's finest citizens has been silenced but all who knew Dot know that she is still watching over her favorite folks, the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen. She was a very special person and whether or not you agreed with her, you had to admire her tenacity. Let's hope that someone else will sit in her seat at the back of the aldermanic chambers to carry on her watchdog role. How about it, "Citizen Sullivan" or "Freddy T?"

Don't forget to vote Tuesday ... you only have yourself to blame if things don't go well in Washington and Concord. If you are a liberal Democrat, a conservative Republican or a "can't-make-up-my-mind Independent" you owe it to our democracy to make it work.

This presidential election cycle had more "visits by POTUS" than at any other time in our state's history. Seems to me that those liberal political bigwigs in D.C. feel that our four electoral votes may turn the tide.

If it comes down to our votes, wonder how many times POTUS will visit us in the next four years ... maybe once or twice? At least you know that if "POTUS Wanabee-The Big Mitt" wins, he'll visit us many, many times and won't ever forget us.

As we enter the holiday season, let's not forget the less fortunate in our city. The Nashua Salvation Army and its legion of volunteers will be out ringing their bells this season.

All of the funds raised go to the needy in our community. When you pass the kettles and hear the bells ring, remember this fine organization.

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