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16 of Nashua's 27 legislators are ousted from office

Union Leader Correspondent

November 07. 2012 3:29PM

NASHUA -- Nashua's legislative makeup, which has been predominantly Republican for the past two years, has been turned upside down after Tuesday's election.

The Democrats will return to power with 24 members of the House of Representatives from Nashua and just three Republicans - a similar ratio that existed in 2008.

A total of 16 incumbents were ousted from their seats in the Nashua legislative delegation. And, making state history is Democrat Stacie Marie Laughton, who will be New Hampshire's first openly transgendered legislator for District 31, Ward 4.

'Obviously, we are very pleased,' said Dave Tencza, chairman of the Nashua Democratic City Committee. 'I think we were cautiously optimistic (Tuesday) morning, and then the results really exceeded what we hoped for. It was a good night for Democrats in Nashua.'

Tencza said he was not only pleased with the Nashua legislature results, but also the wins secured by Democrats Bette Lasky and Peggy Gilmour seeking state senate seats in Districts 13 and 12, respectively.

'I bounced around the city (Tuesday), and every place I went the clerks had to get more cards for new registered voters,' said Tencza. 'It was amazing to see how many new voters came out to the polls.'

Andrew Cernota, chairman of the Nashua Area Republican City Committee, had little to say on Wednesday about the turnover in the House.

'It hasn't really sunk in yet at this point,' said Cernota, who was obviously hoping the Nashua Republicans would maintain their majority in the House. 'We will begin to look at what things we can do differently, and we are going to work hard to change this the next cycle around.'

Because the results were announced late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning, Cernota said he did not yet have the opportunity to study the numbers thoroughly.

At the polls on Tuesday, Rep. Don LeBrun said he was hoping to secure a second term as state representative for District 32, Ward 5. LeBrun was one of the three Republicans in Nashua to be elected to the delegation.

Another Republican in LeBrun's ward, current Board of Education member David Murotake, also won a seat. The remaining Republican to be reelected was Michael McCarthy in District 29, Ward 2.

Nashua incumbents failing to garner enough votes for reelection include Kevin Avard, Sean McGuinness, Carl Seidel, Michael Balboni, Donald McClarren, Lisa Scontsas, James Summers, Michael Buxton, Timothy Twombly, Duane Erickson, Edith 'Dee' Hogan, Michael Reed, Peter Silva, Willard Brown, Bill Ohm and David Robbins.

One of those ousted incumbents, House Majority Leader Silva, said yesterday that he was surprised by the results but said he had a feeling Tuesday afternoon that things were not looking in his favor.

'We are on a collision course not only in this state, but in the country,' said the two-term representative, adding there simply is not enough money to continue the type of spending currently taking place in New Hampshire and throughout the nation.

'The people have spoken, but it is just too bad the pendulum has to swing so far to one side or the other,' added Silva.

There are 27 state representative seats in Nashua, three each for Districts 28-36.

The election results for the state representative races in Nashua are (w denotes winner):

District 28, Ward 1: Democrats Sylvia Gale (2,259 w), Angeline Kopka (2,227 w) and Jan Schmidt (2,217 w); Republicans Kevin Avard (2,148), Sean McGuinness (2,166), and Carl Seidel (2,060).

District 29, Ward 2: Democrats Paul Hackel (2,181 w), Ward Shaff (1,761) and Suzanne Mercier Vail (2,160 w); Republicans Michael Balboni (1,711), Michael McCarthy (2,024 w) and Donald McClarren (1,666).

District 30, Ward 3: Democrats Mariellen MacKay (1,880 w), Brian Rhodes (2,085 w) and Cindy Rosenwald (2,134 w); Republicans Doris Hohensee (1,336), David Schoneman (1,407) and Lisa Scontsas (1,699).

District 31, Ward 4: Democrats David E. Cote (1,874 w), Mary Gorman (1,866 w) and Stacie Marie Laughton (1,588 w); Republicans Elizabeth VanTwuyver (754) and Richard Heitmiller (732).

District 32, Ward 5: Democrats Jack Kelley (2291 w), Rita Gail MacAuslan (2086) and Michael Pedersen (2217); Republicans Don LeBrun (2291 w), David Murotake (2322 w), and James Summers (1843).

District 33, Ward 6: Democrats Efstathia Booras (1,822 w), David B. Campbell (2,034 w) and Ken Gidge (2,036 w); Republicans Michael Buxton (1,413), Troy Saunders (1,100) and Greg Surbey (1,175).

District 34, Ward 7: Democrats Douglas Carroll (1,790 w), Michael Garcia (1,697 w) and Timothy Soucy (2,001 w); Republicans Duane Erickson (1,211), Edith 'Dee' Hogan (1,402) and Timothy Twombly (1,406).

District 35, Ward 8: Democrats Daniel Hansberry (2,191 w), Roland LaPlante (2,101 w) and Mary Nelson (2,300 w); Republicans Bill Joransen (1,644), Michael Reed (1,562) and Peter Silva (1,793).

District 36, Ward 9: Democrats Linda Harriott-Gathright (2,062 w), Marty Jack (2,056 w) and Michael B. O'Brien, Sr. (2,343 w); Republicans Willard Brown (1,657), Bill Ohm (1,993) and David Robbins (1,733).

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