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Democrats take over Manchester House delegation

New Hampshire Union Leader

November 08. 2012 1:47PM

MANCHESTER - Manchester Democrats will outnumber their Republican counterparts in the New Hampshire House by a more than 3-to-1 advantage, according to results of the Tuesday election available through the Secretary of State.

Manchester Democrats will have 25 seats when the House session starts early next year; Republicans will have eight, which includes two seats that represent a floterial district that includes Litchfield.

"I think people were just appalled last year with the slashing of the budget," said Barbara Shaw, a Democrat from south Manchester's Ward 9 who will start her seventh term.

She said the extremist Republicans lost because they did not communicate with constituents. "They (voters) wanted less government, they wanted some of the efficiencies, but they didn't want to slash the budget so people were hurt by it."

Shaw said Manchester Democrats will have the numbers to connect with Democrats from other cities to see what legislation they can pursue. She said she wouldn't be surprised to see some revisions to education funding, including a constitutional amendment.

"If you had something really concrete and easy to understand, we probably could have an amendement we could pass," she said.

Because of redistricting, Manchester lost three seats overall. Of those it retained, the city's two southerly wards -- 8 and 9 -- must share two seats with Litchfield.

Following are the results of the Manchester House races.

Manchester, Ward 1: Jeff Goley (D) 2,294; Peter Ramsey (D) 2,460, defeated Omer Beaudoin (R) 1,622; Joseph Lachance, (I&R) 2,250.

Manchester, Ward 2: Linda DiSilvestro (D) 2,276; Robert Thompson (D) 1,985, defeated Win Hutchinson (R) 1,706; Mike Ball (R) 1,673.

Manchester, Ward 3: Peter Sullivan (D) 1,613; Jean Jeudy (D) 1,458.

Manchester, Ward 4: Nick Levasseur (D) 1,732; Robert Walsh (D) 1,654, defeated Thomas Martin (R) 1,030; John J. Callahan (R) 948.

Manchester, Ward 5: Tim O'Flaherty (D) 1,307; Ted Rokas (D) 1,589, defeated Daniel Garthwaite (R) 873.

Manchester, Ward 6: Will Infantine (R) 2,212; Larry Gagne (R) 1,890, defeated Ben Baroody (D) 1,875; Catherine Hackett (D) 1,834.

Manchester, Ward 7: Patrick Garrity (D) 1,708; Carol Ann Williams (D) 1,704, defeated Ross Terrio (R) 1,199; Brian Cole (R) 1,196.

Manchester, Ward 8: Tommy Katsiantonis (D) 2,265; Steve Vaillancourt (R) 1,960, defeated Mark Proulx (R) 1,945; Ryan Curran (D) 1,610.

Manchester, Ward 9: Barbara Shaw (D) 1,741; David McCloskey (D) 1,457, defeated Robert Barry (R) 1,165; Timothy Sawyer (R) 1,030.

Manchester, Ward 10: Timothy Smith (D) 1,741; George Katsiantonis (D) 1,702, defeated Irene Messier (R) 1,571; Tammy Simmons (R) 1,346.

Manchester, Ward 11: Joel Winters (D) 1,402; Emily Sandblade (R) 1,250, defeated Ron Sample (D) 1,163; Joshua Holmes (R) 917.

Manchester, Ward 12: Dick Marston (R) 1,518; Bob Backus (D) 1,801, defeated Carlos Gonzalez (R) 1,484; Zane Knoy (D) 1,441.

Manchester floterial, Wards 1, 2 and 3: Dan Sullivan (D) 5,981; Pat Long (D) 5,662, defeated Jeff Frost (R) 4,341; Chuck Thibault (R) 4,165.

Manchester floterial, Wards 4, 5, 6, 7: Jeremy Dobson (D) 6,048; Kathy Souza (R) 5,599; Eric Palangas (D) 5,919, defeated Ernesto Pinder (D) 5,106; Tim Prescott (R) 4,761; Roy Shoults (R) 4,138.

Manchester floterial, Wards 8,9 and Litchfield: Andy Martel (R) 5,897; George Lambert (R) 5,509, defeated Jack Scheiner (D) 4,923; Garry Haworth (D) 4,735.

Manchester floterial, Wards 10, 11, 12: Jane Beaulieu (D) 5,257; Ronald Boisvert (D) 4,553, defeated Matt Swank (R) 3,693; Keith Hirschmann (R) 3,677.

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