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November 24. 2012 1:13PM

Environment: Northern hardwood forests poised to take big hit from global warming

Those and other factors combined mean that climate change is poised to reduce the viability of the maple syrup industry, spread wildlife diseases and tree pests, and change timber resources.



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General News

Father and sons keep small-time sawmill buzzing on their New Hampshire farm

GILMANTON, N.H. — On Bob Potter's farm, the whine of a saw is heard over the grumbling of a diesel-powered engine as he and his boys carry on a family practice begun nearly half a century ago.

Profits tumbled, but Ruger gives CEO a 10% bump

Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. said in a regulatory filing Friday that Michael Fifer, its chief executive, received a 10 percent raise in salary to $550,000 for ...

Fracking scheme gives NH nation-leading export increase stat

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2013 New Hampshire had the highest year-on-year increase in foreign exports of any other state in the nation. Exports went up 22 percent.

Claremont incinerator could reopen; permits still valid

CLAREMONT — With the impending sale of the Wheelabrator facility on Grissom Lane comes the question of the incinerator re-opening. The short answer is: yes, it could.

New Hampshire sets the pace for personal income growth in New England

Granite Staters’ income grew by 4.5 percent last year, placing New Hampshire 12th highest in the nation.

Northeast, despite highest gas costs, resists more pipelines

CONCORD, N.H. — There is near universal agreement that the Northeast has to expand its energy supply to rein in the nation's highest costs and that cheap, abundant, relatively clean natural gas could be at least a short-term answer.

Road improvements needed to pave way for growing army of commuters to new Shipyard jobs

Several ongoing construction projects have contributed to traffic issues and with the shipyard’s plans to hire roughly 700 new employees in each of the next two years they could worsen

Nashua firm Windmill International awarded slice of $851M Air Force contract

The $851M Air Force contract is for engineering and technology acquisition support services.

Early states in presidential primary may be losing clout says AP

NASHUA, N.H. — Few states have shaped presidential politics like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Could NH fiscal discipline help constrain the federal budget deficit too?

That’s because the program gets a federal match. For every dollar the state spends, Washington contributes one too.

Havenstein tapped to lead N.H. arm of Americans for Peace Prosperity and Security

Walt Havenstein has found a second act in New Hampshire politics after falling short on his bid for governor last fall, in a new role as the state chairman for a national group pushing for more substantive dialogue on foreign affairs leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

Salem concerned giant state liquor store will draw 40,000 motorists a day to plaza, a two-thirds jump

But New Hampshire Liquor Commission Chairman Joseph Mollica said Thursday while the new 24,000-square-foot location at 92 Cluff Crossing Road is expected to be a top revenue producer among the state's 78 liquor stores, no major increase in traffic is expected.

Don't call Hillary Clinton 'disingenuous,' but really don't call her 'liar'

The most frequent users? Now-retired Republican Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire and McConnell’s arch-nemesis Harry Reid, the Senate minority leader.

NH primary town hall meetings less than genuine says The Globe's James Pindell

CONCORD, N.H. — When Hollywood conjures up an image of the New Hampshire primary, there is usually a presidential candidate sweating inside a VFW hall, where a local in flannel delivers an earnest earful to the White House hopeful.

Politico: The Great Granite State Suck-Up

To win New Hampshire, you have to win Renee Plummer. Which is why Walker, Paul and Bush are calling, flattering and schmoozing an obscure real estate developer (and 100 other activists like her).

Can states slow the flow of military equipment to police?

WASHINGTON —Police in Minneapolis-St. Paul trained military-grade launchers and used flash bang and tear gas grenades on protesters at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Ancient sport of curling gaining icy grip in Plymouth area

PLYMOUTH — Curling, a sport in which players slide 42-pound polished granite stones across ice towards a bulls eye-like target and score points by having their stones finish closest to the center 'button', is fast becoming a popular spring and fall activity at Plymouth State


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