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'So far in the dark': School board can change that

November 24. 2012 10:40PM

Manchester School Board members ought to demand to be told what is going on with the West High principal's case. And they should, in turn, be required to share the scope, if not the details, of the case with the general public.

"I honestly think as school board members we should have been notified of what the allegations are,'' board member Arthur Beaudry told the Union Leader a week ago. "They have told us absolutely nothing. We are so far in the dark on this it's unbelievable. We have interim people taking over the schools one way or another. We want to get the school back to some kind of normalcy. It's difficult when the leader is out.''

Beaudry's frustrations are shared by parents, students and taxpayers. But unlike them, he and his fellow board members can do something about it.

The "they'' in question are Superintendent Thomas Brennan and, presumably, his legal counsel. "They'' are also the ones who have hired yet another attorney, who is racking up untold bills, to investigate whatever it is they feel is in need of investigating.

West High Principal MaryEllen McGorry has a right to be treated fairly. She is herself a practiced attorney and that may be part of the reason why Brennan is treading so carefully.

But facts are facts, and the school board and the public have a right to know the facts as to the general nature of the case against McGorry that has caused her to be on paid suspension for almost two months.

The school board ought to direct Brennan to make a report to them at the board meeting this week.

The board should then report to the public.

That would be the same public that will be electing, or rejecting, board members one year from now.

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