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December 02. 2012 6:01PM

Santa Fund Donations for Dec. 3, 2012

Shannon Sullivan of the New Hampshire Union Leader, left, gathers with Dan Biron, Liz Lafferty and Dave Bouchard of Keystone Press in Manchester to promote 2013 calendars to benefit the Union Leader Santa Fund. (DAVID LANE/UNION LEADER)

Santa Fund Luncheon - Gift Basket Auction -- $4,160.00

Mike Morin and Mayor Gatsas' Santa Fund Luncheon Twinkie Auction -- $1,000.00

Donated by Dylan & Carrie Cruess -- $100.00

In remembrance of Dot & Justin Egan and Janice Spaulding. You are so deeply missed. Love Always, Richard -- $100.00

Our family hopes this helps and that brighter times are in the near future. I lost everything when I lost my job, lived in my car and couldn't afford food or clothes. I found my way back. You can too. God bless you, and please, never stop fighting! -- $75.00

In memory of Paul & Ethel Bourque and Bill & Edie St.Cyr. By John St.Cyr -- $50.00

In memory of Therese Miville. By Victoria Chabot -- $50.00

Donated by Leon Demere -- $100.00

Donated by Geri-Lyn Bowen -- $50.00

In loving memory of Therese Miville. We love and miss you, Grandma! Love: Gary, Melissa, Brady and Brielle Sufat -- $100.00

In loving memory of Memere & Pepere Ducharme. God Bless. By S.T.R -- $15.00

Merry Christmas to our family and friends, and especially to our grandchildren: Richard, Emily, Lauren, Camden and Ryan. Love: Richard & Nancy Ouellet -- $100.00

Donated by Beth & Bob Poirier -- $50.00

Anonymous -- $50.00

In memory of Therese Miville. By Armand & Helene -- $50.00

In loving memory of our dear mothers, Mary Oleniak and Mary Samalis and Bill, Ruth and Louise Spelas. You are always in our hearts! By Mike & Elaine Oleniak -- $100.00

In memory of John Valavane. By his wife and family -- $25.00

In memory of my parents, Min and Jim Ferretti. By Jackie -- $100.00

In loving memory of our parents, Roland & Simone Turgeon. We miss you dearly. By Ruth & Claudette -- $50.00

In loving memory of Alton & Helen Suosso and Thomas D. O'Shaughnessy, Sr. Love: Al, Anne, Christopher & Nicholas -- $3,000.00

In memory of Boucher, St. Pierre and Devine deceased family members. By Gloria St. Pierre -- $100.00

In loving memory of Casper, Mable and Timothy -- $100.00

Skipper says, "Merry Christmas." Woof, woof. -- $25.00

In loving memory of our dads, Joseph Dachowski and Arthur Macropol. Love, Ann & Harry Macropol -- $30.00

In memory of Therese Miville. By Barbara Milne -- $60.00

In loving memory of my wife, Audrey Ann Biwer. By Melvin Biwer -- $50.00

Anonymous -- $15.00

Christmas blessings to all in loving memory of Loyola Pepin and her daughter, Elaine Cote. By Dick & Janine -- $50.00

In memory of William W. Nickerson. By Pauline C. Nickerson -- $50.00

For Don & Dorothy Durant. Love, Gail & Paul -- $200.00

In memory of Richard and Ronald Marcoux, Theresa Dachowski, Rita Dargie & Bill Desrosiers, all missed, all loved. By Diane -- $50.00

Wishing those less fortunate a blessed holiday. By the Daughters of Penelope, Ilios #51 -- $50.00

In loving memory of Germaine Mrozek. By Helen & George -- $25.00

In loving memory of my brother, Attorney Robert E. Kirby -- $25.00

In loving memory of Gerard DesRochers, MD and Tony DesRochers from their family -- $100.00

In memory of Les -- $100.00

Anonymous -- $25.00

Legacy Financial Solutions -- $50.00

In memory of Clint Robinson -- $50.00

In memory of dad and auntie. By Judy -- $25.00

In memory of Therese D. Miville -- $25.00

In Memory of Ralph H. Dorr and Richard H. Chase. By Diane Chase -- $250.00

Merry Christmas wishes to one and all! By Thomas & Lucille Lynch -- $50.00

Today's Total -- $10,830.00

Previous Total -- $40,443.76

Total to Date -- $51,273.76

How to donate

Santa Fund donations can be made by completing the online form by clicking "Donate" below or send a check to:

c/o New Hampshire Union Leader
P.O. Box 9555
Manchester, NH 03108

You can also drop off the printed form in our newspaper and a donation in the Santa Fund box at the Union Leader, 100 William Loeb Drive in Manchester from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. We will also have a donation drop box at the Intown Manchester Holiday Market on Thursday, November 29 and every Thursday in December.

Share a holiday greeting

With your donation, the Union Leader will publish a short holiday message in the newspaper. Just write it up exactly as you would have it appear, printing clearly, and mail it along with your donation. If you prefer to donate online, follow the link on the page following the transaction to submit a Christmas message.

For more information, please contact Shannon Sullivan, Union Leader Community Relations Manager, at (603) 206-7833 or ssullivan@unionleader.com

The Union Leader Santa Fund is a community tradition that has supported the Salvation Army for more than 50 years. The Santa Fund was first established at the Post Office Fruit in Manchester after a chance 1959 meeting between the Salvation Army major and the then-editor of the Union Leader.

In its first year, the Santa Fund brought in $1,000 to support the Salvation Armys Christmas effort. Since then, the Santa Fund has raised nearly $6.8 million, thanks to the generosity of the community and local businesses. Santa Fund dollars continue to provide warm clothing, meals and toys during the holidays, as well as support Kids Caf, summer camps and other critical programs throughout the year. Last year's drive brought in over $240,000 thanks to the generosity of local businesses and residents, bringing the lifetime total to nearly $6.8 million.

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