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Handgun and other evidence displayed in attempted murder trial of Myles Webster

New Hampshire Union Leader

December 07. 2012 11:54AM

MANCHESTER -- Manchester Police Officer Ken Loui took the witness stand Friday in the attempted murder trial of Myles Webster, 23, accused of shooting Manchester Police Officer Daniel Doherty March 21 at the corner of Wayne and Rimmon streets.

Loui identified, and showed to the jury, the Glock semi-automatic gun found at the base of the white plastic fence between 141 and 145 Putnam St., where Webster was arrrested.

Loui said the gun was found on the 141 side of the fence and a black jacket was found in a trash can by a shed at 145 Putnam. When Loui held up the jacket, which appeared large, the inside of the hood was a large black-and-white check, which looked like the hood lining on the jacket Webster was wearing in the video surveillance at the Rite Aid store at McGregor Square shortly before Doherty was shot.

He also showed jurors a black T-shirt found inside out in a walkway at 294 Dubuque St. When the shirt was turned right-side out, a small alligator logo was visible on the upper left chest area. Jennifer Whitfield, who testified Thursday, said Webster was wearing a shirt like that when he was with her and two other women when they went to Rite Aid and when he got out of her car at a traffic light shortly thereafter at McGregor Square.

Loui also identified 14 shell casings from a Glock .357 semi automatic and 10 shell casings from Doherty's .40 gun that were found where Doherty was shot, bullets found in the apartment building at the corner of Wayne and Rimmon, and a .357 shell casing found on Granite Street that matched the casings found at the shooting scene.

Whitfield and another woman who was with Webster in Whitfield's vehicle both testified that Webster fired a shot out the window of Whitfield's car as they went under the Granite Street Bridge on their way to the West Side March 21.

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