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Kate's baby: A royal choice of words

December 08. 2012 9:19PM

Princess Kate is carrying a baby, in case you haven't heard, or read, or seen the news.

It is cheery news, indeed, what with continued strife in the Middle East, Syria said to be considering using chemical weapons against its people, and the U.S. racing ever closer to a cliff of some sort.

But what struck us about Kate having a baby was that this is just how it was universally headlined. The princess is to have a baby. Will the baby be a boy? A girl? Twins? What will be the baby's name? Kate's baby is giving her a royal case of morning sickness.

No "fetus" references here. People and the press were not talking of "viability." They were discussing the future king, or queen, of the United Kingdom, and there were no questions about whether or when it might "become" a person.

As it was with another King's Son 2,000 years ago, there is no dispute that Kate, like Mary, is "with child."

What a wonderful, meaningful phrase.

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