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Santa Fund donations for Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012

December 10. 2012 7:06PM

Remembering Bill & Nackey, B.J. & Peg and Doris & Andy. By Joe & Signe McQuaid - $1,200.00

In memory of my Pepere, Don Bourk, from Katie Bourk - $25.00

In loving memory of James J. Finnegan, Jr. from Mom and Dad - $50.00

For Nana and Pa Smith. By Joseph Smith - $100.00

Anonymous - $25.00

In memory of Mom, Dad and Mary Ellen. By Martha Maltais - $100.00

Anonymous - $100.00

Remembering, with love, our parents, Agnes and Henry Clayton and Margaret and Robert Hazelton. By Marion and Richard Hazelton. - $500.00

In loving memory of Mary Spain and Harry & Florence St.Onge from Mike & Marie - $50.00

In loving memory of our grandson, Jake, from Bubba and Nana - $50.00

Merry Christmas. By David Billings - $100.00

In memory of Grampy and Mimi Schowtzer and Papa Dunn. By Karen Dunn - $25.00

Merry Christmas! By C. & C. - $200.00

In memory of my special angel, Ted Fuhs. You are missed 24 hrs. a day and will be until we meet again in Heaven. - $10.00

In honor of my grandmother in heaven, Elaine Caron. With love from Kelan Laine Tremblay - $50.00

In loving memory of Kathleen and Hayden Davis and Margaret and Joe Faltin. Rest in peace - $25.00

In loving memory of Jeannette and Louis Haselton. By Katie and Gene Haselton - $100.00

Merry Xmas to all. By Joe and Dianne - $100.00

In loving memory of my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Coutu - $10.00

In memory of my brother: Bruce Lee (legless) Coutu - $10.00

In memory of Mr. George Younger, from "Integrity has many rewards" - $5.00

In memory of Mr. & Mrs. John J. Stevens - $5.00

In memory of departed friends: John A. Neos, Ron Battersby, John Alward, Bob Costas, Robert Becker, Waldo "Butch" Jackson, Jr., Richard Potter, Mary L. (Hall) Cutting and Neil Ferry. From ABC - $15.00

In memory of departed friends: Corrinne "Rene" (LeBlanc) Wallace, Raymond L. Johnson, Kathleen (Gaudette) Neville, Mrs. Marjorie W. Coleman, Carl G. Maple, Dr. Walter N. Buciak, Dennis P. Stanley, John R. Hussey and Roland Counter. From ABC - $15.00

In memory of departed friends: Diane (Gardner) Brewer, Gail (Houle) Hinchey, Judith (Orzechowski) Demers, Patricia (Belgianis) McKean, Thomas McGrail, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Leon LeBlanc and Mrs. Ebba Maple. From ABC - $15.00

In memory of departed friends: Dan Wihby, Steve Appelbe, Vanessa L. W. Johnson, Arthur W. Rumney and Tom J. Kendzulak, Sr. From ABC - $15.00

In memory of departed relatives: Lillian Myrlene (Manzer) Caine, Roland Coutu, Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher Herington, Edward Higgins, Mrs. Laura Higgins and Nolia Landry. From ABC - $10.00

In memory of departed relatives: Mr. & Mrs. Louis Moore, Horatio Raiche, William Pflug, Sr. & Jr., Don McLeod, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Basilio Montelongo and my dog, Coco. It's been 12 years. From ABC - $10.00

To my friend and ex-boss, George H. Pratt III. Love yah. From ABC - $5.00

In loving memory of Wallace C. Poirier. By John, Suzanne, Abbey and Jill - $50.00

Wishing the Santa Fund to help as many families as possible. By Paul G. Lessard - $75.00

Merry Christmas in memory of Bubba and Papa Smurf. By Frank, Donna, Karl and Katie - $100.00

In loving memory of John Walsh. With love from your wife, Fay - $50.00

In memory of all our living and deceased relatives, friends and acquaintances - $100.00

Merry Christmas from Calvin & Cassie - $50.00

Donated by Mark & Kathryn Parenti - $100.00

Thankful for our many blessings. By Bob & Felicity Lago - $250.00

In loving memory of our family, friends and pets. By Bill and H.B. - $25.00

In loving memory of our two sons, Kirk and Kevin. Wish you were still here with us from Mom and Dad - $100.00

In memory of Phil and Joseph LaJeunesse and Jim Pinfield. By Mary Ann LaJeunesse - $50.00

Musical memories: Ted Herbert, Gordon Dunbar, Jimmy Pollock, Bubsy and Bernie Ekman, Jimmy Meehan, Arthur Smyrl, Freddy Green, Ray Smith, Nick Zyla, Soc Mitchell and John Gravas. By Bill Varkas - $100.00

Today's Total - $3,975.00

Previous Total - $75,908.65

Total to Date - $79,883.65

Santa Fund

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