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Two arraigned in Deerfield assault of police officer

Union Leader Correspondent

December 19. 2012 3:23PM

DEERFIELD - A police officer checking on the well being of the residents at 97 Old Center Road after 911 dispatch received a hang-up call early Wednesday morning was wrestled to the ground by the man who came to the door, and while that struggle was going on, two shots were fired from inside the house, according to documents filed in district court.

The residents of the house, including a woman who refers to herself as a psychic, were arraigned Wednesday morning in 10th Circuit Court, Candia District Division, on assault and reckless conduct charges.

Margaret "Jane" Schultz, 44, and Stanley West, 40, both of 97 Old Center Road in Deerfield, are being held at the Rockingham County jail in Brentwood on $10,000 cash bail each.

Deerfield police officer Roger St. Onge said he was assaulted when he got to the door of the house Wednesday morning.

The incident started when police received the 911 call from a phone inside 97 Old Center Road, but the caller hung up. Police respond to those calls as a matter of policy, and St. Onge arrived at 12:24 a.m. He reported that he walked up the concrete steps to the front door and knocked. No one responded, but he could see something moving inside.

Officer Roger St. OngeKnocking again, St. Onge said he announced himself as a police officer and shined his flashlight on his uniform. According to the police affidavit, West opened the interior door, leaving the screen door closed. St. Onge said he again identified himself as an officer and asked about the call.

St. Onge in court documents said West told him no one at the house called 911, but St. Onge was unconvinced and started to open the screen door and asked if he could enter.

But before St. Onge could enter, he said West tackled him, hurling them both back off the concrete steps. West landed on top of the officer and started punching him repeatedly in the face, St. Onge said.

The officer struggled to restrain the man, but before he could, he heard the two gunshots. Finally getting West into handcuffs, St. Onge said he pulled out his service revolver, though still unsure where the shots came from. He said he heard a large object hit the ground, and looking up, saw Schultz standing at the top of the stairs, a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver on the ground next to her.

Schultz and West were taken into custody with no further incident.

According to prosecuting attorney Benjamin LeDuc, gunpowder residue was later found on Schultz's hands.

"These were violent and unprovoked offenses," said LeDuc during the arraignment.

No one was injured by the gunshot, and St. Onge suffered only minor injuries as a result of the scuffle. His injuries were treated at a nearby hospital, and he has since been released.

According to the court records, both West and Schultz listed their address as 97 Old Center Road. Schultz, who works as a professional psychic and holistic healer, practices her business out of the home.

West has been charged with five class A misdemeanors: disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and three charges of simple assault.

West pleaded not guilty to all charges at his arraignment, and his trial was scheduled for Jan. 30.

Schultz is charged with reckless conduct, placing another in danger, alleging that her act put "Officer St. Onge in danger of serious bodily injury or death." She was not able to make a plea to a felony-level charge in district court and was scheduled for a probable cause hearing Jan. 2.

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