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Mystery women spread holiday cheer handing out $50s on line at K-Mart

HOOKSETT &#-; Two anonymous women lifted the holiday spirits of six people in a Kmart customer service line Christmas Eve, quietly handing out $50 bills before leaving the store in giggles.

For Manchester teacher Nicole Paquet of Pembroke, one of the lucky six, a random act of kindness was just the jump-start her holiday spirit needed in the wake of the recent Connecticut school shooting.

"When I asked them 'Why?' they responded, 'Why? Why not, Merry Christmas!'"

It happened about 4 p.m., Paquet said.

&#';Two blond women, one was in her 30s and the other probably her 40s, came into the store and asked where the lay-away department was, and they went back there,&#'; she said. &#';Then we saw them afterwards. They started at the back of the customer service line and said 'Here's $50, Merry Christmas' to everyone in line. As they got closer, I realized they weren't saying it to anyone they knew, but handing it out to everyone in the customer service line.

&#';I was right at the register and they gave one to me and ran out of the store,&#'; Paquet recalled. &#';They definitely did not want to be acknowledged. It was so nice and quite shocking.

Their kindness changed everyone's mood, Paquet said. &#';We were all kind of grumpy, standing in line because it was so long and we felt like we were there forever.&#';

When she got back to the car where her husband and children had waited, Paquet asked if they'd seen the women.

&#';He saw the women and said they seemed out of the ordinary, how happy they were and how happy they seemed,&#'; Paquet said.

On the way home, the family stopped at the Mega X store in Allenstown where Paquet had the $50 tested with a register pen to confirm it was genuine. But she didn't spend the money, it will go to pay down a credit card or a bill. The gift wasn't just the money anyway, according to the teacher.

&#';It's nice to know there are people out there that are nice and go out of their way to get people in the holiday spirit,&#'; Paquet said. &#';As a teacher in Manchester, I was kind of down with the Connecticut shooting and wonder if that would happen at the school I teach at and what's wrong with some people in the world. This was a great way to kick off Christmas Eve.&#';