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January 02. 2013 10:20PM

In this weekend's Sunday News


Parade: The place to be
Foxy foxhunts. A valet in prison. Upstairs-downstairs love affairs. How "Downton Abbey'' became a big hit on this side of the pond - and what's in store for Season 3. Plus, cocreator Julian Fellowes reflects on his award-winning series.

City Hall: The alderman and the officer
Alderman Joe Kelly Levasseur says he “doesn't feel safe'' following a public meeting at which an off-duty police officer “became unglued, unhinged and manic'' in response to Levasseur's suggestion for naming the city's new police station. Ted Siefer provides the details in his weekly column.

Business: Making her mark
After two major snowstorms, chances are chunks of your lawn have been swiped by a plow or chewed up and spit out by a snowblower. Maybe you need the Mighty Marker Mount driveway marker mounting stake. Jessica Doucette, a stay-at-home mom launching her first business, developed the marker with the help of a Manchester design firm whose work has been featured on ABC's “The Shark Tank.”

Matters of privacy
Online venues enable you to update friends and family about certain aspects of your life, but what about personal information you don't want shared with strangers? Your privacy is on the Legislature's agenda this year. We'll give you the details.

Peer pressure investing
By now we all know that saving for retirement should be a priority, but most of us are still stumbling around in the dark, not saving enough or unsure of even how much we should be saving, according to a recent survey of investors by T. Rowe Price. Would it help if we knew how much our neighbors or coworkers were squirreling away? More specifically, if we knew they were out-saving us, would we boost our savings rate to keep up with the Joneses?

NH Perspective: Essential reading for savvy Granite Staters
A lot of news has made headlines this week, and it's only Thursday. Being busy, you might have missed something, but with NH Perspective, you can read highlights of the week's top stories reported in the New Hampshire Union Leader. It's a convenient way to stay caught up with what's happening in state news, business, politics and sports. Look for it every Sunday.

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