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Man charged with assaulting ill 3-year-old

Union Leader Correspondent

January 18. 2013 10:50PM


MILFORD - A man is being held on high cash bail after allegedly abusing his live-in girlfriend's 3-year-old son when the child was suffering from a stomach virus.

Christopher Faint, 21, is facing two felony second degree assault charges and one count of endangering the welfare of a child, after he abused the child over the course of nine hours on Jan. 8, according to court documents.

According to the arrest warrant issued for Faint on Jan. 15 on file at the 9th Circuit Court in Milford, Faint and his girlfriend, Anne Marie Blais, were sleeping around 2 a.m. on Jan. 8 when they heard a cry come from Blais' son's room. Faint went to check on the child who had been suffering from a stomach virus and found that the child had soiled his pants. Faint cleaned the child and put him back to bed.

When the child soiled himself a second time, Faint went to his room and started screaming at him before again cleaning him and putting him back to bed. The third time the child soiled himself, Faint became "furious," according to court documents, screaming at the child and calling him "stupid." He then shoved the child into an ice-cold shower, the documents said, causing the child to scream.

Following the shower, Faint allegedly brought the boy to his room and his mother told police she heard "thumps." Blais went to the child's room and found her son standing in his underwear "freezing." She got him dressed and put him to bed, but the child had another accident.

Faint reportedly repeated the ice-cold shower routine and at some point threw the child against the bathtub wall, hit him in the face, arms and groin, and choked the child. In the court documents, the child reportedly told police that Faint had held his neck until he couldn't breathe and smashed his head against the house.

The following day, Blais took the child to his doctor and an exam showed that the child had abrasions and bruises all over his face and body. The doctor's staff took photos of the injuries and police and the Child Advocacy Center were called in.

"An assault like this on a defenseless child, especially one who is sick, is really troubling," said Milford Police Prosecutor Michael McCall.

Faint is currently being held on $30,000 cash bail at Valley Street Jail in Manchester until his probable cause hearing on Jan. 28 at 9 a.m. in Milford.

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