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Police say Concord drug sales included a 'stash house'

January 30. 2013 10:45AM

CONCORD - Three people are under arrest after a month-long drug investigation that revealed the dealers stored their drugs at a "stash house" in the city, according to police.

Arrested were Myk Neuner, 25, and Kelsey McCarthy, 22, both of 82 Fisherville Road, and Nathan Sarazin, 22, of 51 Storrs St.

Neuner is charged with three counts of sale of a controlled drug, attempted sale of a controlled drug, two charges of criminal liability for the conduct of another and a parole violation. McCarthy is charged with five counts of sale of a controlled drug and one charge of criminal liability for the conduct of another. Sarazin was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of controlling the premises where controlled drugs are kept.

"He (Sarazin) was keeping the drugs at that location and they (Neuner and McCarthy) were getting the drugs from there and then distributing them," said Lt. Timothy O'Malley, commander of criminal investigations. "It's definitely different."

Neuner and McCarthy allegedly sold an assortment of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, dilaudid (a prescription pain medication) and oxycodone.

Investigators obtained warrants to search both the Fisherville Road and Storrs Street residences. O'Malley said they recovered evidence but would not say what that was.

Neuner and McCarthy were arraigned Tuesday in 6th Circuit Court, Concord District Division. Neuner was ordered held on $30,000 cash bail, while McCarthy's bail was set at $16,000 cash.

Sarazin, whom Hooksett police located and arrested after the other two were taken into custody, is being held on $5,000 cash bail pending arraignment Wednesday in Circuit Court.

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