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Manchester Crimewatch: Brother also gets charged for pizza delivery attack

January 31. 2013 10:29PM

MANCHESTER - Adrien Stillwell, 18, of 190 Spruce St., could enter no plea Thursday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division to felony robbery and burglary charges that allege he broke into a vacant Lake Avenue apartment Jan. 3 and called Santoro's Pizza for a delivery of food. When a pizza delivery man arrived, Stillwell allegedly took the man's money and the food and beat him up.

Stillwell protested: "Somebody else was arrested before me."

That would be Stillwell's brother, Teyvon Stillwell, 18, of 224 Spruce St., who was arraigned Jan. 14 on burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery charges in connection with the incident.

Police prosecutor Lt. Peter Favreau said the 65-year-old pizza delivery man sustained five broken ribs and lacerations in the assault.

The victim told police he was attacked by two men, with one snatching the food while the other sucker-punched him and kicked him after he fell down.

Teyvon's bail was set at $30,000 cash/surety at his arraignment and Favreau asked for $40,000 cash/surety for Adrien. Judge Gregory Michael set bail at $10,000 cash/surety. A probable cause hearing was set for Feb. 13.

Faces stalking charge

Juan Rivera Ortiz, 29, of 421 Manchester St., could enter no plea Thursday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division to a felony stalking charge that alleges he was in a vehicle early Thursday morning on Granite Street with the woman he is barred from contacting.

The charge is a felony because Rivera Ortiz has a previous conviction for stalking within seven years. That conviction came in 2011 in Nashua District Court.

Police prosecutor Lt. Peter Favreau sought $50,000 cash-only bail for Rivera Ortiz, saying he has an extensive history, including convictions for criminal threatening and multiple assaults and is out on $10,000 cash/surety bail from Hillsborough County Superior Court, where he was indicted in December on 11 stalking charges and two witness tampering charges involving the same woman.

The alleged victim, Robin Boutin, 34, stepped forward from the gallery to tell Judge Gregory Michael that Rivera Ortiz pleaded guilty to previous charges and has been going to therapy.

Boutin bailed Rivera Ortiz out on the Superior Court charges Tuesday, but said she couldn't afford the new cash bail. "I cannot stay away from the man," said Boutin. "I love him that much. I have a 6-month-old son with him. I'm in recovery with him."

Michael said cash/surety bail was necessary, but set it at $15,000. He also told Rivera Ortiz and Boutin that bail conditions are there for a reason, that arguments can escalate and result in serious consequences.

He also told Boutin that he has appointed a lawyer for Rivera Ortiz and the lawyer can file a motion to change bail conditions, but for now, no contact means exactly that.

A probable cause hearing on the stalking charge was set for Feb. 13. Bail conditions not only bar any contact with Boutin, but also bar Rivera Ortiz from a specific Hill Street address.

Has a bad hangover

When Circuit Court-Manchester District Court Judge Gregory Michael asked a man why he had put his own name on the line for an employer's name on a court-appointed lawyer application, Christopher Mulvey, 43, responded: "I've got a bad hangover right now."

During the pre-arraignment session, the clerk told Mulvey he faced two simple assault and one criminal threatening charge. Mulvey then repeatedly asked the clerk: "Was it a man or a woman?"

Mulvey, who lists the homeless shelter as his address, pleaded innocent to all charges during the court session. He is accused of accosting a woman and a teen as they were in the area of the Granite State Laundry, 386 Union St., about 9 p.m. Tuesday and slapping the wrist of the woman and pushing the teen with both hands, causing her to stumble backward.

Mulvey is also accused of yelling at them that he would kill them and would tie them up and come back and kill them.

The victims called police and described Mulvey, who told officers who caught up with him at Barry and Lake avenues that two women had pushed him. Officers reported Mulvey was highly intoxicated.

Bail was set at $3,000 cash/surety with a status hearing set for Feb. 12 in the community connections court session, when violations of alcohol in the park and remaining in Veterans Park after curfew Oct. 19, 2011, will also be addressed.

Thought order was dropped

Michael Brogan, 35, of 607 Prescott St., Thursday told Circuit Court-Manchester District Division Judge Gregory Michael that he wouldn't have been with Nichole Smith if he thought a domestic violence petition was still in effect.

Court documents show Brogan was served with the DVP Jan. 17 by Malden, Mass., police.

Brogan said Smith called and told him she was pregnant and had the DVP dropped. "That's why I came back up here from Mass," he said.

Police said Brogan was found with Smith in a vehicle on Wilson Street on Wednesday night after the vehicle was stopped for a defective right brake light.

A police prosecutor sought bail of $5,000 cash/surety, saying Brogan has a July 2011 drug conviction and a prior criminal threatening conviction.

Brogan sought a break on bail, telling Michael: "I'm in a program at the Farnum Center." Michael set bail at $1,000 cash/surety, with conditions mirroring the protective order, which bars contact with Smith and bars him from going to her residence. Trial was set for March 12.

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