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Hearing scheduled for murder conspiracy convict Jesse Brooks

New Hampshire Union Leader

January 31. 2013 8:56PM

Convicted murder conspirator Jesse Brooks will get a chance to appear in New Hampshire and ask for a new trial.

Brooks, who is currently incarcerated in Arizona, has been scheduled to make a habeas corpus appearance at New Hampshire State Prison in Concord on March 8. His lawyers have said he was denied a proper trial because of ineffective legal representation.

Brooks is the son of John "Jay" Brooks, the Derry millionaire serving a life sentence for the 2005 murder-for-hire of handyman Jack Reid. The younger Brooks is serving a 17-year minimum sentence for murder conspiracy in the Reid slaying.

On Monday, a team of private investigators hired by Jesse Brooks' mother said he was convicted due to aggressive police tactics and prosecutorial misconduct.

In a three-hour press conference, the private investigators said Brooks had an alibi for when the murder planning took place. They said no forensic evidence exists to corroborate the murder story. And they said Brooks was convicted on the statements of the people who were actually involved in the murder and received lighter sentences.

They said Jesse Brooks was innocent and should never have been convicted in the first place.

Currently, Brooks is serving his sentence in Arizona.

"The fact he's in Arizona is still a mystery to everyone, including Lorraine Brooks," said Casey Sherman, spokesman in the case.

Issued Monday in Merrimack County Court, the order of notice requires state prison Warden Richard Gerry to make Jesse Brooks available March 8 at the state prison for a 30-minute hearing. It also sets a Feb. 22 deadline for state officials to answer the petition filed by Brooks' lawyers asking for a new trial.

Sherman said Brooks' main lawyer is Bruce Ellison of South Dakota. Sherman said Ellison has taken many wrongful conviction cases. His most famous involves Leonard Peltier, the native American convicted for the 1975 shooting deaths of two FBI agents in South Dakota.

Peltier, who remains behind bars, maintains his innocence.

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