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Hudson veteran in Manchester court disputes high bail in assault case

February 05. 2013 10:22PM

MANCHESTER - A Hudson man, who said he is a disabled veteran, could enter no plea Tuesday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division to a felony charge of second-degree assault, that alleges he slashed his girlfriend's stepfather across the face with a knife, causing a three-inch laceration.

William Santana, 27, of 29 Forest Road, pleaded innocent to five misdemeanor charges that allege he assaulted his girlfriend, her brother and her stepfather Monday.

Santana is accused of pushing his girlfriend's brother, causing him to fall backwards; grabbing his girlfriend by the arms and waist and pulling her back into an apartment.

A police prosecutor sought bail of $25,000 cash/surety for Santana, with conditions barring contact with the three alleged victims and barring him from their residences.

"I'm in constant treatment at the VA," said Santana in asking Judge William Lyons for a lower bail. Lyons said he would set bail at $10,000 on the felony and $5,000 on the misdemeanors. But Santana wasn't satisfield and kept asking for lower bail. Santana became increasingly agitated and kept talking over Lyons' efforts to inform him of his court dates, prompting Lyons to have Santana removed from the courtroom.

A probable cause hearing was set for Feb. 19 on the felony and trial on the misdemeanors was set for March 14. A Feb. 27 court date was set for him to appear in Circuit Court in Nashua on a 2012 Driving Under the Influence conviction for which he had not paid the entire fine.

Documents are sealed

A man who admits to drug dealing in the past, but says he now is focused on his entertainment company, Perfect Place Entertainment, was arraigned Tuesday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division on seven felony charges of sale of a controlled drug and one of possession of a narcotic.

Anthony Payton, 37, of 123 Pleasant St., could enter no plea to the felony charges in Circuit Court, so a probable cause hearing was set for Feb. 14.

Payton is accused of selling cocaine on six occasions between May 22, 2012, and Jan. 24, 2013, and heroin on one occasion during that period, for amounts ranging from $150 to $2,000, and of having cocaine in his possession when arrested Monday at a Cumberland Farms store on Valley Street.

Police prosecutor Carissa Pelletier said Payton has a substantial criminal record, including possession with intent to sell and manslaughter and the process is under way for his certification as a career criminal.

Pelletier successfully sought $100,000 cash/surety bail, with a hearing on the source of any funds offered for bail. Pelletier said Payton, who grew up in New York City, is a flight risk, so he would also have to sign a waiver of extradition before being released.

Handbag as weapon

Bail was set at $500 cash/surety Tuesday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division for Alicia Hill, 17, of 11 Bellweather Lane, Chester.

Hill is charged with simple assault, accused of striking her boyfriend on the head and body with her handbag. Bail conditions bar her from contact with the alleged victim and bar her from his residence.

Trial on the misdemeanor assault charge was set for March 12.

Five kids to support

Michael Clark, 41, of 516 Notre Dame Ave., Tuesday asked Circuit Court-Manchester District Division Judge William Lyons for a break on bail. "I have five kids that I support," said Clark.

Clark is accused of backhanding his girlfriend on her forehead, causing a cut, telling an officer he would beat him up and continuing to yell profanities after being told to stop.

Lyons reduced the requested $1,000 cash/surety bail to $500 cash/surety bail, with conditions barring contact with his girlfriend and barring Clark from her residence.

Trial on the misdemeanor charges of simple assault, criminal threatening and disorderly conduct was set for March 12.

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