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February 07. 2013 1:45PM

Downtown Berlin merchants say new Family Dollar turns its back on Main Street

The building, known as Bickford Place, was renovated by the city and sold last fall to Water Street Retail for $315,000. The developer has rented the building to Family Dollar, which is in the process of moving into the building from its current location at 121 Main Street.



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General News

'Export ban' for arms maker Sig Sauer over Colombia guns

Colombia says it bought almost 65,000 SIG Sauer pistols for its police force from the US Department of Defense.

For some, firing of union organizers sparks boycott of Lebanon food co-op

Some Upper Valley residents are advocating for a protest and boycott of the Co-op Food Store following the firings of two employees at the storeís Lebanon establishment, demanding the release of details regarding the firings.

Climber dies in Cathedral Ledge fall

CONWAY ó The climbing community sat in mourning Sunday after an accident at Cathedral Ledge Saturday afternoon claimed the life of a well-known and respected Maine climber.

Leftist marching band holds surprise protest at Rye country club

RYE ó The Leftist Marching Band staged a surprise protest Saturday morning at Sanders Poynt in Rye adjacent to the Wentworth by the Sea Country Club.

Amherst, NH family surprised to find bear in backyard

Despite sightings in the area and several bird feeders situated in their yard, the Pereiras had never seen a bear in their yard.

Are there sharks in our waters?

These short few months are the time of year when more shark sightings are reported

Car claimed to have destroyed sapphire screen from NH company for next gen iPhone

If you've been watching all the news about the rumored new panel type for Apple's yet-to-be-announced iPhone 6, then you might be wondering: When is someone going to destroy one of the sapphire displays already?

Teachers union targets education secretary at national convention

Kelly offered the improvement-plan language to echo the unionís insistence on protecting due process for teachers who face discipline or dismissal. Union leaders said these rights are under assault.

Hudson girl battling brain cancer granted access to non-FDA approved treatment

A 12 year old girl from Hudson has been given special approval to use a cancer treatment not approved by the FDA.

New Hampshire store rejects man trying to buy booze with a D.C. license

The manager explained the law, which Mitchell never knew about it, and told him he couldn't buy alcohol unless he had a passport with him.

Eastern Canadian premiers And New England governors meet amid energy protests

New Hampshire is hosting the latest summit between the governors of the New England states and the Premiers of Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,...

HS lies exposed, Michelle Malkinís scoop on illegal alien flights confirmed

Last month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Daniel Modricker told the New Hampshire Union Leader that 'none' of the illegal aliens had been released.

Elle: Why Sue Millerís 'The Arsonist' is this summer's must-read whodunit novel

Defunct marriages and wanderlust play central roles, whether viewed through the eyes of a philandering politicianís spouse in The Senatorís Wife (2008) or a conflicted parent in The Good Mother (1986), and Millerís latest novel, The Arsonist (Knopf), is no exception as the Rowley family navigates a tense summer in a small New Hampshire town.

One year later: Yale grad makes it coast to coast

He plans to walk home to New Hampshire. And he's keeping his long hair and beard to 'better fit in with the people of the road,' Carl Hindy said.

New Hampshire students digitize Civil War letters

Keene State College students have been transcribing 144 letters Templeton wrote between 1862 and July 1864, when he was killed at the Battle of the Crater in Virginia.

Sarah Silverman admits in 'Glamour' mag that Mom has best advice

Actress/comedienne Sarah Silverman was interviewed in the UK edition of Glamour magazine and the attractive comedienne provided some surprising advice.

New Hampshire cracks down on extreme speeding

If one of the vehicles swerved out of control at 132 mph, thereís no telling what could have happened to either driver or innocent motorists, he said.

Retirement deal for Portsmouth city manager set for City Council vote

When asked whether it was fair for him at this point to try to become vested in the state retirement system after initially choosing to stay out of it, Bohenko said, 'I'm putting in 93 percent of the buyback cost. I think that's an important aspect.'

Friendly Toast: Portsmouth eatery with a past looks to the future

Goodwin and business partner Scott Pulver purchased both Friendly Toast locations in October 2013. With their new ownership come a number of changes, including upgrades to the kitchen and a new point of service computer system.

Storm outages delay FairPoint unions' vote

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) - It appears weather-related power outages have caused some delays on a vote whether to authorize a strike by union employees of telecommunications firm FairPoint.


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