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Other remains point to possible homicides

New Hampshire Sunday News

February 10. 2013 12:13AM

Besides the four Allenstown murder victims, there are at least three other sets of human remains in New Hampshire that would be investigated as homicides if investigators could find a way to identify them, including one case in which just two toes were found.

There could also be more homicides among the assorted skulls and bones that are kept at the State Police Forensic Laboratory and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, but there is too little information available to identify them or determine how they died, according to Assistant Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin, chief of the state's homicide unit.

Some were probably unearthed from washed-out graves, he said.

"Some of those things are probably historical remains," Strelzin said regarding the list of human remains kept by the state. "In the past, there were no strict rules regulating burial. Some people were buried on their property."

But two sets of remains and two human toes were likely homicides, he said.

In December, Salem police exhumed the body of one of them - an unidentified man whose decomposing remains were found on Aug. 7, 1969, between Exits 1 and 2 along Interstate 93 in Salem.

The man had been shot four times. Police hope to obtain DNA samples to help identify him.

Strelzin said a facial reconstruction will be completed, as well, to see whether anyone in the public remembers him.

According to the State Police Cold Case Unit website, the man was between 28 and 40 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall and about 225 pounds.

On Oct. 6, 1971, a woman's remains were found in a wooded area at the end of Kilton Road near the Route 101 Bypass in Bedford, according to the website. That investigation has been dormant, Strelzin said.

The woman was white, between 25 and 35 years old and between 5 feet 1 inch and 5 feet 4 inches tall. She was wearing a maroon pullover blouse with lace at the neck, short hip-hugger dungaree-type shorts, and Size 7 sandals, the website said. The manner of death has not been determined, but she likely met foul play.

Strelzin said two toes from one man discovered in 2006 near Sheila LaBarre's Epping horse farm did not match either of the two men she was convicted of killing.

There have been no good leads on them, he said.

But because of where and when they were found, it is likely evidence of another murder victim, Strelzin said.

LaBarre is serving two life sentences for killing Kenneth Countie, 24, of Wilmington, Mass., and Michael Deloge, 38, of Portsmouth.

Unidentified human remains in New Hampshire
The following unidentified human remains are stored at the State Police Forensic Laboratory or the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Concord. Some are being investigated as unsolved homicides. Others are believed to be unearthed from old burial grounds. Some are so old, no one knows where they were found, or how they came into the state's possession.
YEARWhat was foundLocation
1969Decomposing male
Found off I-93 between exits 1 and 2, Shot four times. Homicide
1971Decomposing female
Found near Route 101 bypass. Foul play suspected.
1985Decomposing adult female, (case number 85-1050)
Found near barrel w/ 85-1051. Homicide
1985Decomposing female child, (case number 85-1051)
Found near barrel w/ 85-1050. Homicide
2000Skeletal remains of female child (case number 103-00)
Found in barrel w/ 104-00. Suspected homicide
2000Skeletal remains of female child, (case number 104-00)
Found in barrel w/ 103-00. Suspected homicide
1992Lower leg and various foot bones
Found in Dan Hole Pond
1992Skull w/ 1 tooth
Found 100 ft. from cemetery, thought to be female, about 50 years old at death
Berlin (gully by cemetery)
1994Skull and 6 teeth
Wisdom teeth present but never descended; kept as souvenir; seized with warrant, examined by forensic anthropologist; some evidence of burial
Seabrook (residence)
1999Portion of skullNewfields
2006Two toes belonging to unidentified man
Found near convicted killer Sheila LaBarre's horse farm, possible homicide
UnknownSkull (very weathered) and 6 teethUnknown
UnknownSkull cap bones very oldTamworth
Unknown3 long bones, 3 bone fragments
Long bones very small in stature; doll in box appears very old-fashioned, all quite dirty suggesting an old burial
UnknownSkullcap; skull appears weathered but fairly cleanUnknown
UnknownSkullcap - old, dirty, weatheredUnknown
UnknownSkull and one tooth on left portion of upper jawUnknown
Source: Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and the Attorney General's Office.


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