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DMV warns of fee-charging, unofficial license renewal websites

February 11. 2013 12:09PM

CONCORD - The New Hampshire DMV is warning residents renewing their driver's licenses online to make sure they are on the official state website, otherwise they could be hit with unexpected and unnecessary fees.

The DMV's official website - - has the wording, "An Official State of New Hampshire Government Website," at the top right-hand corner of the site.

Unofficial sites will charge extra fees, DMV Director Richard C. Bailey Jr. said Monday.

"People should be sure to enter the exact web address that is listed on their renewal notification letter in the web address line, not on a search line," Bailey said. "If they do a web search to find it, they might not reach the official DMV site."

The cost to renew a five-year, operator-only driver license is $50.

"There are no additional charges for renewing a license online." Bailey said. "Anyone who reaches a website that imposes additional charges should exit that site immediately. These sites don't offer anything that the official DMV website doesn't provide for free."

Anyone with questions about online renewal may call 227-4020 or email

Most New Hampshire drivers are eligible for online renewal. Anyone holding a New Hampshire driver's license receives a letter several weeks before the license expires. If the driver is eligible for online renewal, the letter contains a 10-digit renewal identification number and instructions for online renewal. Also needed are a computer with Internet access and a printer, the current license and a valid MasterCard or Visa credit card.

In 2012, more than 48,000 New Hampshire drivers renewed their licenses online and saved themselves a trip to the DMV. That is nearly 27 percent of eligible drivers. Online renewal has been available in New Hampshire since December 2009.

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