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March 02. 2013 10:00PM

MetroCast denies workers laid off for trying to unionize

ROCHESTER — A majority of employees laid off from Metrocast last week had been attempting to join a labor union, and according to a spokesman from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), that was the reason behind them losing their jobs — a claim the company rejects.



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General News

After losing 'COPSLIE' case, DMV censor nixes vanity plates for brew tour bus

NORTH HAMPTON - Seven months after the state Supreme Court ruled that the license plate COPSLIE is protected free speech, David Adams is frustrated about having been denied license plates to say BREWBUS, GROWLER, or NHBEER.

Dover man vanishes after chain reaction crash in Ohio, found hours later severely injured having fallen from bridge

MONTGOMERY TWP., Ohio- Benjamin Ferrell, 34, of Dover, New Hampshire, was flown to MetroHealth Medical Center with serious injuries and as of Monday had not been able to talk with investigators about how or why he ended up going over the edge of the bridge.

Weirs man engulfed in flame when he flips on bedroom lights

Fire Chief Ken Erickson said that it was about 3:05 p.m. when a 21-year-old resident of the home went into a bedroom and flipped the electric switch. He said the room immediately flashed over and the man was engulfed in flames.

Universalists say chalk outlines to raise awareness of dead homeless erased

Volunteers who sought to raise awareness of homelessness over the weekend say efforts to wash away their chalk drawings illustrate society’s unwillingness to see the full problem.

Police: Man accidentally shoots himself in leg in WalMart parking lot

Tilton police say a man accidentally shot himself in the Walmart parking lot on Sunday morning.

Weare selectmen: ‘No need’ to request emergency funding in wake of costly scandals

Legal expenses for the town were budgeted at $66,900 for 2014; $117,867.29 was actually spent this year, putting legal expenses more than $50,000 over budget.

To fight corruption, Portsmouth having firefighters, police file financial disclosures

The amendment the council passed Monday night in City Hall will add police and fire commissioners to the ordinance, according to city documents, which means they will have to fill out financial disclosure forms.

Portsmouth nannies say they can bar people from sharing rides using Uber

After Monday night’s meeting, City Attorney Robert Sullivan said any Uber driving operating in Portsmouth 'would technically be in violation of the city (taxi) ordinance.'

Durham resident begrudges city bowing to 'Christmas' critics

'Political correctness contains arbitrary definitions,' he said. 'There is only one holiday in December. It is Christmas Day and following it is 11 more days of Christmas.'

Laconia man violates restraining order minutes after being served

LACONIA — A city man is being held on $300 cash bail for allegedly pushing his girlfriend and returning to her apartment within 10 minutes of being served with a restraining order.

Fishing fleet up for sale after feds scuttle catch

Yankee Co-op President Neil Pike started working as a fisherman at age 13, acquiring his first boat at 23. By 2010, after years of hard work, Pike owned three commercial fishing boats, but not any more. He’s sold one and is hoping to sell a second.

Laconia council amends ordinance for Motorcycle Week to collect outstanding debts

LACONIA — Vendors wishing to do business at Laconia Motorcycle Week must satisfy their outstanding debts or risk not being granted a license by the city of Laconia.

Duck Gate tarnishes reputations of two Nashua officials

NASHUA – One clear message that came out of 2014 is don't mess with the ducks. It's a career killer.

An interview with Vattnet Viskar's Chris Alfieri

Chris Alfieri is the guitarist of New Hampshire's Vattnet Viskar, a Blackened Doom Metal band whose momentum is unprecedented for such a young group.

Churches stake out new ground in N.H.

Local pastors said people are frustrated by the politicization of religion and the petty arguments between Christian denominations

NH woman arrested, charged with possession of crack, heroin in R.I.

Curley asked one woman, Jessica Lemere, 25, of 6 Snowdrop Ln., Litchfield, NH, if there was any contraband in the car or on her, but she refused to answer.

Berlin considers a ban on synthetic marijuana

Berlin will hold a public hearing January 5 on a proposed ban of synthetic marijuana, sometimes called spice. Berlin police chief Peter Morency is...

N.H. online charter school growing by leaps and bounds

Nearly every school in the state has students like Tristan Quismundo. He goes to high school in Londonderry and failed English his sophomore and junior...

Southern states want to use the GOP primary to gain power

The Deep South has elected Republicans to every top office in the region. Now it wants to be sure that clout extends to the choice of the GOP’s 2016 presidential nominee.

Vanity plate booze and beer ban will be reconsidered

CONCORD — Beer and booze references on vanity license plates are scheduled to be a topic of discussion during a January session of the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, when David Adams will be watching closely.


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