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Random survey shows sequester not on everyone's radar in NH

New Hampshire Union Leader

March 02. 2013 10:54PM

MANCHESTER - Most people asked at random on Saturday were not aware that the deep cuts in federal spending known as the sequester went into effect Friday night due to congressional inaction.

Some of the 12 people approached by a reporter were not aware of what the sequester entails. But those willing to be interviewed Saturday were displeased when told that Congress adjourned Thursday night for a long weekend without taking action to avoid the cuts.

"I don't think it's acceptable," said Shanyn Desjardins of Manchester. "They ... have a job to do. If we didn't do our jobs, we'd probably be fired. I know my boss wouldn't let me take a day off if something had to be done and I had a deadline."

Four people declined to be interviewed because they said they didn't know what the sequester was and hadn't followed the issue. Others, including Desjardins, knew about the issue but were not aware the deadline had passed after Congress adjourned.

Susan Ramos of Auburn said: "Why can't they just deal with it like corporations do? Run this country like a corporation, and we wouldn't have this deficit or a problem."

Dave Coulon of Manchester and Louise Nicols of Lawrence, Mass., said they had followed the issue and were aware of the congressional inaction.

"If they're supposed to work for us, they're supposed to get things done," Coulon said.

"I don't think that's good," Nicols said. "I don't think that's good to take that time off at that time."


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