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Sequester? Siesta!: Your government at work

March 03. 2013 4:19PM

We're not sure which is more pitiful: the Obama administration's "sky is falling" sequestration scare tactics or the fact that Congress and the President all say this is a very bad thing, yet most of them took the weekend off.

A friend suggests that the idea to in effect sequester the Congress itself ought to be front and center in this story.

Maybe, he says, the budget-cutting should BEGIN with Congress. Since clearly neither the House nor the Senate is doing its job, or particularly wants to even be in Washington for the heavy lifting, perhaps they are unnecessary. Ya think?

President Obama clearly doesn't care about the public in all this. His administration has made no attempt to deal rationally with this latest self-manufactured crisis. Here were its first moves:

Free from jail illegal immigrants who were bound for deportation.

Tell air travelers they would be delayed a minimum of 90 minutes due to fewer TSA workers and FAA tower personnel.

Tell state and local school departments that teachers would be cut, or not.

And our personal favorite, and a really, really serious threat to the nation: warn NASCAR fans that U.S. Air Force acrobatic flyovers at a racetrack near you may have to be stopped.

Oh, the humanity.

Meanwhile, the President burns up jet fuel and millions of dollars in every farflung appearance he has been making to campaign for his plan to cut the ?budget: raise taxes yet again.

Whatever patch job is found for this latest spectacle, don't expect it to last. The next "deadline" of March 27, for once again raising the debt ceiling, looms. The groundhog didn't see his shadow, and yet it looks like there will be no early end to the maddening Washington winter.

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