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March 05. 2013 1:12PM

States, including NH, make progress toward anti-idling incentives

A New Hampshire bill that is also halfway through the statehouse would accommodate additional equipment. HB196 would authorize the 550-pound exemption.



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General News

First responders share stories from the front lines of the Keene riots

The scene a week ago was like something out of a movie, or, if it was real, the video clips must have depicted some far-off city, whose young people were taking their fight — whatever it was about — to the streets in an effort to defy the authorities.

Rioters in Keene jump on Tyler Bagdonas' car on Saturday. The photo was posted on gofundme.com as part of an appeal for financial help for Bagdonas, who says his insurance company won't cover the damage.

FinnaRage wants you to rage at its parties. So what if it ends up a riot?

Party company FinnaRage, which encourages young partiers to go wild and then films it all, promoted its Keene State events relentlessly. But it says the ensuing riots aren't its fault.

Shaheen booed again for interrupting Brown

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Liberals booed incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) for interrupting closing remarks by former Sen. Scott Brown at a forum Sunday morning, calling her actions “rude,” video from the event shows.

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., left, and former Massachusetts Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown are seen Thursday before a live televised U.S. Senate debate hosted by NH1 News on WBIN TV in Concord.

SHOCK POLL: Brown leads, will surge unseat Shaheen?

Republican Scott Brown is leading incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen by 1.5 percent in an exceedingly tight New Hampshire race, according to the most recent poll.

Warren flubs punch line at UNH rally, says Shaheen best choice for Mass.

'The people of Massachusetts are not taking Scott Brown, they’re taking Jeanne Shaheen!' Warren insisted at the University of New Hampshire event.

WSJ: A rare sight, Republicans poised for gains in New England

The region’s GOP Senate contingent—now at two—would grow if former Sen. Scott Brown defeats Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, giving the party one of the six seats it would need to reclaim a majority in the chamber.

Lee family profiled on ABC Halloween special

Using mainly organic materials, giant props are crafted up to four stories high. This haunt is sure to overload your senses.

'Wicked Tuna' TV stars save sinking boat near Gloucester

New Castle, N.H. — Two New Hampshire fishermen and reality TV stars saved fellow fishermen in a sinking ship last Sunday.

Conway Village commissioners seek AG investigation into FairPoint

The precinct's engineer said his staff repeatedly tried to get FairPoint to stop but that the company wouldn't listen.

Mason: Missing man found dead

Michael Lavoie, 60, of Mason went missing late on Sunday night, said Select Board Chair Charlie Moser in an interview Monday.

NH teacher sues after being sacked for teaching profanity

A paraprofessional educator who witnessed his reading to the second class told Manley that Moulton had openly wrote and discussed profane words as part of his teaching.

Dartmouth mailer on Montana Supreme Court unethical, academics say

HELENA – The Stanford-Dartmouth political science study that produced last week’s controversial mailer listing the alleged political leanings of Montana Supreme Court justice candidates is raising eyebrows among academics, some of whom are calling it unethical.

Mailbox shock: Did Democratic flyer go too far?

A mailer from the New Hampshire Democratic Party, for example, features a woman's bruised face alongside a message that Republican Sen. David Boutin won't protect victims of domestic violence.

Liberty movement meets Islam at Annual Porcupine Festival

While religion is not a central topic of Porcfest, the issue does arise, and Will Coley, of Muslims4Liberty, has achieved his goal of making the topic one of discussion at the event.

LGBT honcho heads for NH hoping group can counter Brown momentum

President Chad Griffin will head to New Hampshire, where Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was the first senator to urge same-sex marriage be added to the Democratic Party platform.

Politician Who Has Been Dead Since 2009 Just Weighed In on New Hampshire Senate Race

On its own web site, the party credits the op-ed to the 'late, great' politician, and offers it as evidence that Shaheen has flip-flopped on nuclear power.

NH saddest state in the union and winter's to blame

Although many researchers initially didn’t even admit the 'winter blues' as a medical problem, now this condition is now recognized as a common disorder, with its prevalence in the U.S. ranging up to 9.7% in New Hampshire.

Greenfield: Punkin’ Chunkin’ competition comes to town

Myths were busted, cannons were shot and trebuchets were revived from the scrapheap of military history at a farm in Greenfield this weekend, where a pumpkin-launching contest annually featured on a nationally broadcasted TV show entered its 28th year — largely thanks to a local farmer’s initiative.

NHSUPCO sides with Hudson in step pay dispute with firefighters

The Town argued that it had a right not to pay the step increases because the 2006 CBA did not have an evergreen clause and, under the applicable state law, a public employer is not required to pay step increases after a CBA has expired.

Documents imply GTAT sapphire was destined for iPhone 6

GT Advanced Technologies’ original deal with Apple, signed last Halloween, mandated that the Merrimack-based company install 2,036 sapphire furnaces by April 2014, indicating that the product that was supposed to produced in those furnaces was intended for the touchscreens of its new iPhone 6 after all.


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