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Center Harbor voters face 28 warrant articles

Special to the Union Leader

March 04. 2013 7:12PM

CENTER HARBOR - The town business meeting will be held March 13 at the fire station starting at 7 p.m.

Balloting for town and school officials and several zoning ordinance amendments will be held from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. March 12 at the Cary H. Mead Meeting Room at the town offices.

Funding for the town budget, fire and police vehicle capital reserve funds, and for road and bridge repairs are included on the list of 28 warrant articles.

Article 2 asks voters to raise and appropriate $811,130 for the town budget. Article 6 requests $288,322 for the maintenance of town highways and bridges, including sidewalks and dead tree removal. The appropriation would be offset by a $33,797 State Highway Block Aid grant with the balance raised by taxes. Article 7 requests $120,000 to purchase a new Highway Department truck. The appropriation would be offset with $60,000 from the Public Works truck or equipment capital reserve fund, with the balance of $60,000 raised by taxes.

Article 9 asks voters to establish a new expandable trust fund with $100,000 for a road repairs and maintenance expendable trust fund.

Article 10 requests $266,442 to cover operating costs for the police department. Article 20 requests $20,000 to be placed in a police cruiser replacement capital reserve fund.

Article 12 requests $134,501 to maintain the Center Harbor Fire Department, and Article 13 requests $25,000 toward the capital reserve account to buy a new fire department engine or rescue vehicle.

Other funding requests include: $5,000 for a self-contained breathing apparatus; $60,283 to pay for ambulance service; $176,779 for solid waste disposal; $82,570 for the James E. Nichols Memorial Library; $22,985 to cover Independence Day activities and $12,260 for the Center Harbor town band concerts.

Article 25 includes a list of funding requests from health and welfare agencies, including programs for the elderly, children and families, the Center Harbor Soup Kitchen, Visiting Nurses of Meredith/Center Harbor, Inter-Lakes Day Care and others, for a total of $41,216.

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