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Labor official criticizes tally of social costs of casino gambling

Staff Report
March 05. 2013 11:18PM

A top state organized labor official on Tuesday criticized last week's study on legalized gambling by the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies.

"The flaws inherent in the center's analysis of expanded gambling have never been clearer," said Joe Casey, president of the New Hampshire Building and Construction Trades Council. "Only after the report was released did the center decide to acknowledge reality: that Massachusetts plans for gambling will cost New Hampshire at least $75 million a year if we do nothing, information that absolutely should have been included in their full report.

"Knowing this, it makes more sense than ever for New Hampshire to build its own casino that will create jobs and generate needed revenue," Casey said.

"It is unfortunate that our long-standing concerns about the efforts by the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies continue to be justified," Casey said.

"We believe the social costs derived from the center's own assumptions are overstated," said Casey. "The center's unproven social cost model apparently suggests little to no net benefit to the state. That's a bold assumption that needs to be backed up by real-world examples that can be found elsewhere. For when we look to states, whether it be nearby Maine or states like Pennsylvania or Delaware, the concerns dictated by these untested assumptions simply haven't materialized.

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