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North Country hopes snow extends winter season

Special to the Union Leader

March 19. 2013 9:13PM

The latest snowfall was welcomed with open arms in the North Country.

"We're thrilled," Jackson Ski Touring Foundation employee Raetha Stoddard said Tuesday afternoon, noting the new snow will make the skiing "delicious."

Inside the Jackson center, Adrian Rawn of Portsmouth said: "You have to enjoy it, right?"

Rawn said she was in the Mount Washington Valley on business, but took time out to go snowshoeing. "We'll take it, one last hurrah."

Farther north, Keith Landry, director of the Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club, noted that 90 percent of the 2013 trail network is open, though inlets to First Connecticut Lake and Lake Francis have begun to open up.

"Hopefully Mother Nature gives us some snow from this round so we can extend the spring riding season," Landry wrote on the club's website.

The folks at Bretton Woods ski area declared spring officially on hold, adding an enthusiastic "Woo Hoo!" to the ski resort's Facebook posting.

The bears at Clark's Trading Post recently woke up and had their first meals of the year.

That's a reminder to homeowners everywhere that bears wake up very hungry, and those bird feeders are like fast food outlets to them. New Hampshire Fish and Game recommends residents take down the birdfeeders by April 1.

The thinning of the ice as far north as Pittsburg is a reminder, too, that's it's just about time to get those bob houses off the ice.

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