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Hollis-Brookline High School to reopen tomorrow

Union Leader Correspondent

April 03. 2013 2:34PM

HOLLIS - Students at  Hollis-Brookline High School will be returning to classes tomorrow after school was canceled today due to a mysterious odor.

School officials announced this afternoon the cause of the strange odor that kept students and staff home today was caused by a heating system malfunction. The odor, which was described as being similar to diesel fumes, was first detected while students were in class on Tuesday.


After the malfunction was repaired, the Hollis Fire Department tested the air quality of the school and determined that it is safe for students to return to school tomorrow. 


Previous story follows:

HOLLIS – Students and staff at Hollis-Brookline High School were told to stay home today as technicians work to uncover the source of a strange odor that began to emanate throughout the school Tuesday.

Susan Hodgdon, superintendent for the Hollis-Brookline Cooperative School District, said the odor became noticeable while students were in class Tuesday, and that it is currently unknown if the odor is toxic or what the source of it is.

Hodgdon said that it is unknown if the school's roughly 850 students will be able to return tomorrow, but technicians have told her the likely culprit is the mechanical system.

"Right now the system is being reviewed and analyzed by the technicians we employ to keep the system running properly,"? Hodgdon said.

She added that the building itself is relatively new and well maintained.

"We're not even at that stage as to our planning and response (if the building is closed long-term). We need to wait to see results of analysis before determining when students return," she said.

She added that the odor is located at various spots throughout the school but is not noticeable throughout the entire school.

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