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April 11. 2013 1:00PM

Shea-Porter proposes creating jobs by having federal agencies conduct annual 'Buy American' audits

Shea-Porter's bill would amend the law to require all federal and independent agencies to conduct yearly audits to ensure they are in compliance.



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General News

Eddie Edwards touts transparency in state rep race

DOVER — Former Liquor Commission Chief Eddie Edwards named transparency, accountability and government oversight as some of his priorities during an editorial board meeting with Foster’s Daily Democrat.

Farmington selectmen mull evicting children's center in favor of police station

The Board of Selectmen has balked at renewing CAP’s $1-a-year lease, and is exploring the viability of converting the building into a police station.

Portsmouth appeal of Newington's approval of Sea-3 expansion slated for Monday

PORTSMOUTH — The city is denying that its appeals of the planned expansion of the Sea-3 propane terminal in Newington are aimed at using state and local law to prevent the facility from having access to rail service.

Syrian activists pay tribute to beheaded NH journalist

Anti-government activists in Syria have paid tribute to American war journalist James Foley, who is believed to have been beheaded by militants Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq.

ISIS backer Qatar condemns beheading as un-Islamic

DOHA: Qatar, accused by a German minister of financing Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) jihadists, condemned Thursday the group's beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley as a "crime against the principles of Islam."

How Planet Fitness aims to become the McDonald's of gym franchises

In the beginning, Planet Fitness had a juice bar, spinning classes, freestanding weights – and not enough members. The fitness franchise's secret to success? Getting rid of everything that made a gym "good."

Tillotson operation awarded $300,000 to manufacture medical gloves

Though the Tillotson name is most closely associated with the Balsams Resort, the family has been manufacturing polymer products since 1931.

Standex acquires aircraft engine company

Standex International Corp. has agreed to buy Enginetics Corp., an Ohio aircraft engine component company, for $55.2 million in cash.

Radio station from Amherst church expanding in Goffstown

AMHERST – A non-profit radio station with production facility in Amherst Christian Church is expanding its Goffstown studies. WLMW 90.7 FM, New Hampshire Family Radio,

Committee working to get Claremont stop on high-speed train line

CLAREMONT — The effort to get the city a stop on the coming high-speed rail service is chugging ahead at full steam.

BAE awarded $74M contract for F-16 program

The contractor will provide F-16 Stores System Tester spares, as well as engineering and software development and maintenance support.

WaPo: Wheelchair scams expose Medicare’s weak defenses against fraud

The sucker in this scheme was the U.S. government. That wasn’t the peculiar part. The tool of the crime was the motorized wheelchair.

Medical billing fraud deeply rooted in systems that foster dishonesy

Or what about an EHR program that allows the record to be altered after the fact? Why should any patient record have that capability? Doesn't that create an atmosphere where someone can commit fraud more easily?

Postal Service workers' comp costs spike as headcount plunges

The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates that private industry workers’ compensation in the same occupations cost 73 cents per work hour, while the Postal Service paid $1.16 per work hour in fiscal 2013, according to the report.

Screen grab from a video purporting to show New Hampshire photojournalist James Foley of Rochester being beheaded at the hands of ISIS.

British Isis militant in James Foley video 'guards foreign hostages in Syria'

Former hostage says 'John' is one of three British Islamic State jihadists who guard western captives in Raqqa.


NHPR Audio: In 2011, slain N.H. journalist talked about his capture in Lybia

Three years ago, NHPR's Jon Greenberg sat down with New Hampshire journalist James Foley.

Market Basket owes Exeter, Newmarket thousands, their share of municipal trash bags scheme

EXETER — The towns of Exeter and Newmarket may be forced to temporarily dump Market Basket as a place to sell municipal trash bags after the embattled supermarket failed to pay its bills on time for bags delivered to the Epping and Stratham stores.

Energy firm tries to build support for 68-mile underwater power line from Seabrook Station to Greater Boston

The Seabrook, N.H.-based subsidiary of NextEra Energy is trying to build support for a proposed underwater power line that would bring 520 megawatts of power from southern New Hampshire into the Boston area.


Daughter charged with ransacking father's grave in search of 'real will' wants charges dropped

LANCASTER, N.H. -- The daughter of businessman Eddie Nash, charged with ransacking his grave and stealing items, is asking the court to dismiss an abuse of corpse charge, arguing the body was never destroyed or removed.

Politifact: John Oliver says Keene wanted armored vehicle to thwart terrorism at pumpkin fest = TRUE

Oliver said federal funding for anti-terrorism efforts has been doled out on such a massive scale that even Keene -- with fewer than 30,000 residents -- secured a military-grade truck for its police department.- with fewer than 30,000 residents -- secured a military-grade truck for its police department.


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