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April 11. 2013 12:51PM

Nashua aldermen pass 'stupidity' barring businesses from parking inventory on street

The ordinance, proposed by Ward 3 Alderman Diane Sheehan, makes it unlawful for businesses to park any new or used vehicle for sale, lease or rent on a public street or in a city-owned parking lot. Violators will face a $50 fine, which will double after a week if they fail to pay up.



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General News

An A-10 Thunderbolt II (aka Warthog) photographed over Afghanistan.

Ayotte riled by general who told underlings talking to Congress about A-10 is treason

The Air Force is probing allegations that a Major General told lower-ranking officers that talking to members of Congress about the capabilities of the A-10 attack aircraft is equivalent to treason.

Buzzell sent Conway man a threatening message before murder suicide

The Conway Police log entry, made at 7 p.m. Monday, says a man contacted police about a 'domestic situation that is happening in Fryeburg and Conway.' The man said a "threatening picture" was sent to his friend.

Claremont girl raped by math teacher testifies for bill to bolster background checks

Claremont — A 15-year-old Claremont girl who was sexually assaulted by her Stevens High School math teacher testified on Wednesday in favor of a bill that would provide school officials with more information about prospective school employees’ backgrounds …

Feds require Berlin to cut unruly tenents a break from evictions if they're 'victim of domestic violence'

BERLIN – As a result of a federal complaint, city will amend its disorderly tenant ordinance to exempt domestic violence victims from the requirement that landlords evict tenants who are cited for three disorderly actions in any 12-month period.

NH bill would do away with concealed weapon permits

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - Three Republican lawmakers want to allow anyone who can legally purchase a gun to carry the weapon concealed without a permit in New Hampshire.

Ban military gear to cops say NH lawmakers

Concord's police chief once named Free Staters as a target for his department's up-armored might.

Fitzwilliam abuse of power allegation over poetry slam dispute

Resident Alan E. Chipura went to the Fitzwilliam Board of Selectmen Monday night claiming Selectman Christopher J. Holman sent a police officer to his house as retribution because Chipura called out Holman on his plan to hold a poetry slam workshop at the town library and charge $25 per person.

Scott Dixon's crew pushes his car off after a pit stop at  the 2011 MoveThatBlock.com Indy 225 race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon.

IndyCar announces return of race director who had been replaced after NHMS incident in 2011

Barfield had replaced Barnhart, a long-time member of IndyCar's team, after Barnhart came under scrutiny for his decision to restart the 2011 New Hampshire race.

Mystery surrounds death of US defense contract worker at Saudi hotel

'What’s troublesome is the cover-up. The announcement by the company that it was a suicide before seeing all the evidence is strange.'

Newport schools pay ex-superintendent $154K to go away

Newport — SAU 43 paid former Superintendent Irwin Sussman more than $154,000 to 'buyout' his contract, according to information provided by the SAU on Wednesday.

Plutocrat fight: Romney and Clinton brawl over who has the biggest mansions

The home in La Jolla, complete with a car elevator, has been undergoing renovations to make it bigger since 2012, and according the Globe, is now being shown to potential buys by a broker.

NHPR Audio: North Country moose study aided by research 'muggers'

How's this for a typical day at the office: get into a helicopter, fly just above treetops in parts of northern New Hampshire, and find moose to tag, track and monitor.

Keene Cop Block founder cited in story about LA chief wanting Google app for fingering cops pulled as danger

The nationwide volunteer police monitoring group Cop Block, for instance, uses it to spot police locations so they know where to go with their cameras. Its founder, Adam Mueller, remembers using it a few months ago in his hometown of Keene, New Hampshire.

Dartmouth president bans hard alcohol, orders students to attend rape classes, bars pledging

President Philip Hanlon, who has led the Ivy League school since mid-2013, created a 'Moving Dartmouth Forward' steering committee last April to study problems he said were 'hijacking' its promise: high-risk drinking, sexual assault and a lack of inclusion.

County-on-county litigation adds another $5,200 to tax burden

LACONIA — The Belknap County Convention's Executive Committee Monday agreed to several 2014 budget transfers sought by Belknap County Commissioners, including $5,200 to pay legal fees incurred by former Belknap County Register of Deeds Barbara Luther in 2011, when she was sued by the previous commission in an effort to make her comply with recommendations made by an auditing firm hired by the county.

Two UNH-built CubeSats to be launched into radiation belts Thursday

Twin, pintsized satellites built in part at the University of New Hampshire's Space Science Center will be launched into orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 9:20 a.m. (EST) Thursday, January 29, 2015.

Ski jumping is a high school sport In N.H.

When it comes to winter sports in high school, New Hampshire athletes stand alone — in some high places. It’s the only state in the country where students still compete in ski jumping, a sport kids learn in ski jumping clubs.

Sen. Ayotte: Air Force trying to ID A-10 supporters

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, the leading opponent of Air Force plans to retire the A-10, alleged Wednesday that the service is conducting a 'reverse investigation' to identify airmen who have reached out to Congress to support lawmakers' efforts to keep the jet flying.

Army Corps releases North Atlantic coastal flood risk management framework

It says those decisions should be made in collaboration. The states included in the study were New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. The District of Columbia was also was …

Mitt slams Hillary as ‘clueless’ on foreign policy, uninformed on jobs

In his first full speech since disclosing his interest in running for President for a third time, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on Wednesday night took verbal shots at likely Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on both foreign and economic policy – tying her closely to President Barack Obama.


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